30 June 2011

Product: Ralph Lauren Perfume.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

LOVEEEE THE SMELL. It's gorgeoussss! Strong, yet not too strong! I definitely want to purchase this again! As for the price...it's expensive...but what do you expect? It's Ralph Lauren!

Love this song! I remember listening to it 24/7 last summer! I made my cousin play it in her car over and over again. Haha. It definitely brings back some memories!

OMG has anyone watched episode 11 of City Hunter?! I was watching it last night and omg I couldn't stop crying after watching the last part. It was just tooooooooooo sadddddd. I really hope that Kim Na Na doesn't die! *Sobs* She needs to be with Yoon Sung!!!!!


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