27 June 2011

Happy Birthday Sibers!

So so so...

I went to Akbars last night for a birthday meal. Yeah, it is a nice place and I like how it's kind of in an isolated area but oh my, it's rather expensive! What can you expect? It's in Deansgate! We were going to go that Red Hot Buffet place or whatever it's called but there was a power cut. ><" Someone obviously forgot to pay off their electricity bill. Lol. I've got a feeling that that place would have been so much better. Oh well, never mind. :)

It was nice being able to see all the Hulme people again. Everyone looked well. Some people didn't come but oh well, I'm sure I could always meet up with them at some other time.

Oh my, I really need to start having driving lessons. I swear everyoneeee last night either had a driving license, or are still having lessons. :/ What the...? I was probably like the only person who hadn't started, well apart from Sibgha's sister obviously. I felt all left out. :( I need to get brumming but I'm too scared to. Yes, I'm a WIMP, I admit that. Haha. Oh well, it has to be done right? I can't rely on the parents to drive me around 24/7. :/ It's time I become "independent." Here are some pictures to round everything off! :D

The birthday girl!

Excuse the ugly face! Couldn't wear any eye make up because of my hayfever. :(

I love how Asian restaurants present their naan breads! :)

Aqil, me, Tamim and one of Sibgha's friends. :)

Big group photo! <3 Can you even see me? Haha.

Happy Birthday girls! :)

Loving the lighting. :P HAHA I wonder why.

Meera and Sibers with their gifts! :)

A castle in what Meera refers to as a "park?" Haha! :P

Right, going to get ready to go out now.


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