30 October 2012

Thailand 2012.

Well it was my first time going to Thailand and I absolutely loved it! It definitely was more than I expected! I would love to go back again...preferably Bangkok next time. Apparently there's loads to do and buy there...so yeah I shall look forward to my next visit to Thailand...whenever that will be!

Nice hotel. :)
Pretty cool ride!
What a magical place.
I actually enjoyed the food in Thailand. SPICY food all the way!
Do you like my new shoes? :D
I wish I was as good as you at basketball! Haha.

WARNING: Don't look if you're eating!
A man...and a cobra...nothing major.


20 October 2012

Product Of The Day: Bioré Make Up Remover (For eye and lip).

Rating: ★★★★

I had a bad experience with this product as half of it leaked in my suitcase when I was travelling. I remember pressing the lid down before I put the thing in...either I didn't or it "came off." Regardless, I was actually quite happy with my purchase. I remember someone blogging about it so I decided to give it a try. For me this was a good make up remover as it easily removed my eye make up and I tend to wear waterproof mascara, so it couldn't have been that bad. However it does feel quite "oily" at times, but it is still a relatively good product.


14 October 2012


Finally...a night out with uni friends and their friends! I actually enjoyed myself but the club was just wayyyy too packed! I have never seen so many Chinese people in one club! Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. Haha.
Anyway...it's PICTURE TIME!

She's finally using the phone case that I got her! 

Clubbing together...FINALLY. :D

Group pic! :)

Princess and Tingles.

The quality of iphone cameras...

Slightly...blurry. :P
SAY CHEESE! (Don't know who that stranger on my left is!)

That's it for now.