22 January 2011

Drama: Home Troopers 居家兵團.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Just finished watching the last two episodes and omg I literally cried my eyes out! ==" I didn't like how Leo and Karen had to split up just because of Leo's stupid wife! Grrrr! It just shows how cruel this world can be. Just because two people love one another doesn't mean that they'll always be together. These things depend on your...luck. Well in my opinion it does.

Overall I really liked the drama. :) A lovely drama to watch with the family...and oh my, Kevin Cheng is sooooooo hot! Haha. He definitely looks good for his age! Haha.
So yeah, watch this drama if you haven't! :D


A sad story.

I've been listening to this song over and over and over again for the past few days. Definitely one of the most touching songs I've ever heard! Couldn't stop crying! And the fact that a 17 year old girl wrote it to her boyfriend before she died made me cry even more! :'( :'( :'(
Always appreciate those around you, before it's too late...


19 January 2011


I cried today...for various reasons.
I cried whilst watching a drama. ><" I cried whilst listening to this song that I found on Facebook...apparently, a girl wrote it before she died and it was dedicated to her boyfriend. :( I cried when I thought about you. It's been an emotional day.
I tell myself that I must stay strong but sometimes I just can't do it.
I'm a human being too. I have feelings. I get hurt, just like everyone else out there...and it certainly doesn't help when you're a really emotional person. I never knew that I was this emotional until the past few years...when my life gradually changed...Nothing was right. Everything was wrong. It's crazy how your life can be ruined within seconds. Love...family life...health...wealth...education...everything went completely out of control. I sometimes look back to last year and I think to myself..."How the heck did you get through that?!" I was literally at breaking point. Sometimes I felt as if I was pushed way too far and that I just wanted to leave everything and go to a completely different world. It was too much. It really was. But that's life...avoiding your problems aren't going to make them go away...sometimes you've got to think to yourself, do you know what...someone up there obviously wants to challenge me and do you know what, just bring it on!
I have people around me who are always happy...and I wonder, how the heck do you do it? But then...you never know what happens behind closed doors...maybe it's just a mask? They're probably thinking the same...Everyone's usually like goddd Ga Mei you laugh at anything and everything, like a Sor Por! ==" You're always smiling blah blah blah...I guess it shows that I'm good at covering all the sadness up. :') However, I have them days when I'm feeling down and depressed but do you know what...I've kind of got used to the pain...that might sound sad but it's true. It's...simply...life. There are some things which you just have to get used to.


18 January 2011


Loving this song!
It reminds me of someone...:')

一开始 我以为 爱本来会很容易 所以没有 经过允许 就把你放心里 直到后来有一天 你和他走在一起 我才发现 原来爱情 不是真心就可以 我感动天 感动地 怎么感动不了你 明明知道 没有结局 却还死心塌地 我感动天 感动地 怎么感动不了你 总相信爱情会有奇迹 都是我骗自己 以为自己不再去想你 保持不被刺痛的距离 就算早已忘了我自己 却还想要知道你的消息.


05 January 2011

Product: The Body Shop Nail Brush.

Rating: ★★★★★

I'm really liking this nail brush. =] I personally think that it's very important to keep your nails as clean as possible. I can't stand it when things get stuck in your nails. It makes me want to puke. Especially on guys. Urgh. You'll definitely need to get one of these if you have long nails...and it doesn't necessarily have to be from The Body Shop. :)


04 January 2011


New Year Resolutions:

1. To lose weight.
This is a must. I do not want to be called fat for the rest of my life, trust me, it ain't a good feeling. And I absolutely hate it when people look down on others just because of their weight...so yeah, I'm definitely going to try and shed a few pounds here and there. I just hope that I actually do this time for a change.

2. To sleep at "regular" times.
I actually need to stop going to bed so late. I've been going to bed at like 2-4am in the morning every single night and it's definitely taking its toll on my skin. :( And I now have the biggest bags ever! I look like a fat panda and it is definitely not a good look. ><"

3. To stop lazing around.
I am probably one of the most laziest people that I know. Seriously, you would not believe how lazy I can be. I need to actually get off my bum and do something productive for a change. ><

4. To stop leaving everything to the very last minute.
As a lot of you probably know, I leave EVERYTHING to the last minute. Literally everythingggg. I'm always leave my work to the night before and end up getting like 3 hours sleep because I'll be too busy finishing it off. All this procrastinating needs to come to an end!

5. To look after my skin...PROPERLY.
I've not really been looking after myself lately. :/ You're supposed to do a facial mask like once a week but these days, I do one like once a month. :P I've totally given up. ==" And my skin's breaking out like there's no tomorrow! :/ I neeeeeeed to do something about it...maybe drinking more water, having a balanced diet and doing some exercise would help. :/ And obviously getting some decent sleep would have a hugeeee effect.

6. To work harder.
I need to focus more on my studies. I've been lacking for toooooo long. It needs to stop. I need to get my bum into the second year otherwise it is going to be rather embarrassing and I'd be wasting quite a LOT of money and I do not want to be doing that. ><" I need to start reading those Economist magazines which I've been paying for, well dad has. :P I need to revise for these class tests/exams. I need to do these assignments days before the deadline...you get the point. :P

7. To stay strong.
As some of my close ones know, I've been through a pretty tough year. The toughest year yet. :/ I just hope that I'll be able to stay strong through 2011. I've spent the past 365 days crying, literally. It's time that I learn to control my emotions.

8. To spend less money.
I can be quite bad when it comes to shopping. I tend to buy the most random, pointless things that I will probably never ever use again. I guess I'm not as bad as I used to be but according to some, I'm actually pretty scary when it comes to shopping, however I disagree. :P It's just that there are lot of things out there that I tend to like and my shopping list just goes on forever and forever so yeah, I'm going to try and watch my finances from now on. :/

The list goes on...but I can't think of anything else so that's it for now...:P

Happy New Year everyone! Have a great one! :D


03 January 2011


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