12 June 2014

Halo Eye Make-up Remover Pads.

I bought these for when I went travelling earlier this year as I did not fancy taking a whole bottle of eye-make up remover with me. I had never seen or heard of the brand Halo until I popped into Superdrug for some essentials. They were cheap so I thought why not give them a try. 
I was extremely disappointed when I tried them out for the first time. It was literally like cotton pads soaked in water. I can see why they say that it's "gentle on your skin" but it certainly did not remove my waterproof mascara. No matter how many pads I used, my mascara and eyeliner just would not come off. I got so annoyed that I ended up having to use my cleansing oil to remove my eye make up which actually stung it a little. I ended up using the remaining pads to clean things! I will not be purchasing again.



  1. good review!


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