22 June 2011

Korean Drama: My Princess.

Not only have I been obsessed with TVB/Taiwanese dramas but Korean ones too! I used to watch a Korean drama like once in a blue moon but seeing as I have so much time to waste these days, I've just been watching them day after day. :P I'm currently watching "City Hunter!" :D Any of you lot watching it too? It's really good! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! I've even got my mum watching it! :P Anyways, back to the review...

The main characters!

Kim Tae Hee is soooo cute!

A bit of eye candy for you girls! ;) OM NOM NOM. HAHA.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I LOVEDDD THIS DRAMA! I was like obsessed with it. Actually, that's an understatement. It's a must watch!
Yes, it's another romance drama...but it definitely isn't your typical romance drama! There's a twist. I loved the storyline...and the male/female lead are sooo compatible! Them two need to get together! HAHA.
He's hot...she's beautiful...what more could you ask for?
I got my mum to watch this drama too and seeing as she finished watching all 16 episodes, she must have liked it! ;) And trust me, I have a picky mother! HAHA.

Song Seung Hun is hotttt!! <3333333 He definitely doesn't look his age (35)! He's just soooo manlyyyyy. *DROOLS* And OMG how pretty is Kim Tae Hee?! I'm wellll jealous!! :) She has AMAZING skin! Is it me or do alllll Korean people have nice skin?! O.O

I seriously need to start using my time more wisely. I've been doing absolutely nothing for the past few weeks. :( What can I doooo? Any ideas?


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  1. I wasn't sure whether to watch this or not,
    but since friday is my last exam, I'll have to squeeze it onto my "to watch" list :)