26 June 2011

TVB Drama: Ghetto Justice (怒火街頭).

The main characters! :)
Love Kevin Cheng!

Leng lui's! Jing Jing's pretty! Does anyone know what her real name is? :S

Although I love Kevin Cheng, I didn't really like his character. He was too "leh leh feh feh." However, that just shows that his acting is really good.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I actually enjoyed watching this drama. :) I loveee Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu! They're both really good actors, and in Myolie's case, a good actress.
The storyline was pretty good even though it was kind of your average TVB drama. Nevertheless, I still liked it.
However, I didn't like how they killed Jing Jing off. :( She should have survived until the end. Oh, and I didn't like the ending either. It was rushed and there wasn't a proper happy ending. I like my happy endings and this drama didn't really give me one. L.A (Kevin Cheng) shouldn't have gone to jail! :( All in all, it was a decent TVB drama.

Oh, and one more thing...I loved the opening song! It's COOOOLLL. :P

Love Fan Fan's voice!
(8) 其实你没有那么爱他 真的不需要那么想他 编织过的梦想 自己也可以抵达 (8)

Arrrghhhh it's nearly half 2! Need to start getting ready! Well there isn't much to do seeing as I can't even wear make up because of this gay hayfever. Grrrr. *BIG SIGH*




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