07 June 2011

Life is good. Life is bad.

I feel like a right pig these days! All I've been doing is eating, watching tv, going out and sleeping. Lazy or what?!
I seriously need to find something better to do with my time...yeah I am on my summer hols but I don't want to spend it doing absolutely nothing...I want to be productive...actually, I need to be.
Hmmmm what should I do this summer...Any ideas anyone? ;P
I guess I could go on holiday for a bit but where to? :S
Should I start having driving lessons? Hmmmm not sure. Seriously need to do some thinking.

Ooooohh I went barbecuing TWICE last week. :D Loveeeed it. Got to hang out with the fam for a bit and ate loads of good food. OM NOM NOM!!
And yessss I do love my food, hence why I've put on soooooooo much weight lately. It certainly doesn't help when you're a slouch potato and don't do any exercise whatsoever.
Anyways...here are some pictures! :D (Yessss we had lots of fun! Even though everyone was starting to die from hayfever!)

Isn't she adorable?! She should sooooo be a model when she's older!

Just a little windy...Haha.

Tres beau!!

Alice why are you ignoring Jeh Jeh? ^____^

My cousins! :)

I love these two to bits!

"Choc choc!"

Woahhh it's already been 9 years. I remember carrying him when he was toddler...Time flies...:')

We must appreciate those around us...both family and friends. :) Don't leave it until it's too late. There's no going back in life. Treasure their presence.

I've finally worked out how to use Facetime! :D Whoever created that function is an absolute genius. It makes everything so much more convenient. BRAVOOO!
Technology is constantly improving...you can never keep up with all this techy stuff. It's just "impossible."

Had a little get-together for Christine's birthday the other week too. :) Went to The Living Room for dinner, and then headed to the cinema to watch The Hangover Part 2 (I've already done a short review for it)! A must watch film! It's just too funny! According to a friend the first one's really good too. :D Must find it!

Not bad...just a little salty...

It definitely looked better than it tasted. Didn't really think much of it to be honest.

The birthday girl and Princess Shirley!

The birthday girl and myself. :)


Well well well, I'm going to leave it there for now...don't worry, there's more to come!
I'm just going to head to the fridge to grab myself some Bailey's ice-cream. I'm starving. ;P
Ciao...for now!



  1. Hey! your eyes and fringe look amazing in those pictures, haven't talked to you for much, have I?

    Well if you want anything to do this summer, well
    I'm going to Hong Kong between 20/7 til 24/8.
    If you want to come then let your parents know and ask for about £1000 then you'll be fine.

    Your cousin on the right looks exactly like my auntie in HK, what a coincidence.
    And that wedge dish thing looks tasty, I must try one of them asap!

    If I'm denied the HK trip then I pretty much wouldn't know what to do, but I do really want to meet you at some point possible.

    Ta! Jeffrey Wong. x

  2. Bum!
    Can I just say that little girl in the red coat is sooooooo CUTE! I don't normally like children but I don't mind her. ^^

    You should go Taiwan, get me Fahrenheit, Jay Chou and Wang Leehom's autographs! Oh and get me all their albums and stuff. Thank You very much. :)

    Oh and ;)
    x x x