10 June 2014

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray!

I've been using this for ages now! This stuff really does work! I barely powder my foundation anymore after buying this...and I have oily/combination skin. It lasts forever. Whenever I use this, I spray it across my t-zone first, and then I spray the rest of my face as if I was drawing a cross. I also spray a little on my neck as I always drag my foundation down to my neck. I've noticed that many girls neglect the neck area when applying foundation. This is a big no no. You need to at least pretend that the colour of your face and neck are the same! Many people rave about these kinds of makeup setting sprays, particularly the ones from Urban Decay and I can totally see why. My make up definitely lasts longer whenever I apply this. Obviously, my face still gets oily throughout the day and my make up might smudge in some areas (like around the eyes) but it's nothing unbearable. This product is totally worth buying.


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