28 December 2011




 LOVING this song.


20 December 2011

Nuit nuit.

It's been a long, long day...

but a good one.



17 December 2011

Film Review: Twilight "Breaking Dawn."

Taylor Lautner is sooooooo HOT! And he's 20! PERFECT! ;P Haha. *Dreams*

 Edward Cullen...I wouldn't say no. 

Loved the setting!! <33333

I loved the previous Twilight films and I definitely loved this one too! It's a must watch! Especially for the eye candy in it! I remember Jake running out of the house at the very beginning topless when he found out that Bella was getting married to Edward and these girls in the cinema started screaming their heads off! Haha, you can't blame them! I was pretty close to screaming too! LOL. The storyline and everything was good too but out of all the Twilight films I still like the first one the most. I'm not sure why but the first sequel is always best...
ANYWAYS, watch this! :D
I so want to get it on DVD! Imagine watching Jacob topless on HD telly...WOAH. HAHA. 
Oh and apparently this Twilight film was really gruesome...:/ I didn't think it was toooooo bad though. It was bearable. :) It made me cry more than anything else. I can't believe I cried over a Twilight film. :P The bit when Jacob was crying after Bella was announced "dead" made me cry my eyes out. I'm not sure why but everytime the male lead cries I cry too. Haha, I can't bear watching guys cry! I also remember crying at the bit when they leave to go on a honeymoon and Bella says goodbye to her loved ones, including her dad which really got to me. Haha. It was sooooo touching! :')
Definitely a film I would like to watch again.


15 December 2011

Not as costly.

As some might have noticed, my previous wishlist was kind of pricey...so thought I'd do a slightly "cheaper" version...Haha. :)
Hopefully it'll give you lot some ideas of what to get your loved ones too!

Happy Christmas Shopping Peeps! :)


11 December 2011

I want this...that...that...and that....oh, and that...;)

A Christmas wishlist for Santa.
From me to you. ;)


I reckon the list could go on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...and ever...


10 December 2011


Can't believe how fast this year has gone! It's nearly Christmas! OHMYGOSHHHH. Seriously, where has time gone to?! I was looking forward to Christmas until finding out that I'll be spending half of my hols doing assignments. WELL excited...NOT! =="

So what has everyone got planned for Christmas?
Have you all started your Christmas shopping?
I kind of started buying Christmas presents yesterday and oh my god, how expensive can Christmas get? Don't you just wish you was some billionaire's kid?! Unlimted MONEY...*Dreams* ;) Jokes, I love my parents way too much to think that. :P HAHA.

Are you looking forward to the new year? I am in a way...as a new year means a new start. ;) Hopefully I'll make some new year resolutions this time round and actually stick to them! One of them definitely has to be uni related. It's unbelievable how "laidback" I've been with education these days. PURE LAZINESS. *Sighs*
I do miss being a geek... :( Actually, I miss the old me.


03 December 2011

My daily dosage of...

Most of you already know that I'm kind of obsessed with LeeHom at the moment. ;) But omgggg have you seen how HOT/talented that guy is?! :P
Was watching some videos on Youtube of his latest concert in Taipei! *DROOLS* GOSH I wish I lived in Taipei! Mwahahaaaa.

His nephew is sooooooo cuteeee! 

LeeHom has it allllll. :D <33333333333


17 November 2011


Went to the cinemas on Tuesday night after a large feast at Chiquito's and to be honest, there aren't that many good films on at the moment. :( We ended up picking like the most random film ever. It isn't a film that I would usually go for as I dislike "old" films...they just don't seem to be my thing. This film was meant to be set in like the 1920s or whatever so yeah, it might not be your thing if you don't like them kind of films.
I guess this film was slightly better than what I had expected and it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be which was goooood. However I did have a slight problem with trying to understand the film/storyline...Everything was so complicated that my friends and I ended leaving the cinema with unanswered questions. The film definitely killed a few of our brain cells! Where did this Robert guy come from? Is the nanny  related to the girl by blood or is she just the girl's dad's "mistress?" Why could the girl see Tom and the others couldn't? HMMMMMM.
There were a few "jumping" moments but it wasn't "scary" scary so I guess those who aren't usually into horror films could watch it too.
Overall I would give this film 2.5/5!


14 November 2011

Jeff's in Manchesterrrrrr!

Gosh it is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzing! I think I might actually die in the cold...Anyway, let's get back on track...I went to JEFF CHANG'S concert the Thursday before last! :) To be honest, I didn't really know who he was until then...I've heard of him and all that but I've never actually googled him or anything. Probably because he isn't really from my generation and when he first started his singing career I was still in my mummy's tummy. Haha. However, I must admit that he is a really good singer! I love his ballads! The man can definitely sing live! He has the powerrrrr! The concert was good but I do regret not buying one of them massive sticks to wave in the air! Haha! Oh well, there's always next time right? ;)

NOW...time for some pictures!

Had to wait for like more than half an hour for the concert to start! Oh well. :/

I actually took some videos too but unfortunately I can't seem to find them on my camera. :/ These pictures will have to do for now! ;)
Oh, and may I say that I loved Jeff's version of the "Winter Sonata" soundtrack! :D Might actually download that song! (8)

That's it for now peeps! Need to do some "homework!" AU REVOIR.


13 November 2011

Christmas is on its way!

For the first time in the past 19 years of my life, I went to the Christmas lights switch on in Manchester with some friends! It was actually pretty good...which took me by surprise! Loved the fireworks! Nicola Roberts and Tinchy Stryder were there too! Loved Tinchy's first performance of the night!

The place was OVERCROWDED. Actually, that's probably an understatement. I didn't think that that many people would turn up but yeah, they did. It was all good...until we bumped into this DISGUSTINGGG woman! Words can't describe how RUDEEEE she was. She had a blonde bob and was around 160cm...fairly slim...and had one cocky face! Haha. At first she started on my friends and I was like :O. One of my mates wanted to film part of the show and so raised her arm and this idiot started saying things like "I can't see anything" blah blah blah. I was like ERRRR WHY DON'T YOU TILT YOUR STUPID HEAD THEN?! My other friend was stood in front of her and started complaining again saying she couldn't see...HELLOOOO THERE ARE LIKE ANOTHER 10000 PEOPLE HERE! YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN'T SEE ANYTHING! She kept on bumping into my other friend who was stood next to me and then OOOSHHH she started on me! I was fumingggggg. I was soooooooooo close to shouting back! She should have been glad that I was in a pretty decent mood so I decided to hold pack! If it was one of them days, she would have got a bigggg punch in the face. JOKES, I'm not violent at all. ;) That woman actually grabbed hold of my coat and tried to push me aside but being the stubborn cow I am, I decided to stay put. I'm sorry but you can't blame others for being taller than you! IF YOU CAN'T SEE, THEN THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM. DO WHAT WE DID AND MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. There's no use in just standing there and going on and on and on to yourself for hours. She kept on complaining so I turned around to LOOK at her but she didn't make eye contact. I was fumingggg so I took the advantage of being taller than her and put it to use. Yesss, I moved side to side from time to time so that she found it difficult to see and when she went home I tried to push her slightly but that kind of failed as I needed someone else to push me so that it looked as if it was an accident. Seriously though, people like that IDIOT should not be allowed out! That reminds of a song...(8) WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? (8)
She was so rude that she wouldn't even let people walk past her! After the fireworks, a lot of people left and had to squeeze past her and she started shouting. LUNATIC OR WHAT?! She even told her daughters to not let anyone get past them?! As Chino's would say, she's "BIN THAI." There were loads of other people who couldn't see but we didn't hear them complaining! But I guess that just shows how WELL she was brought up. I'd like to see what her kids turn into in the future. NOT.

Gosh, I feel so much better after that long rant. I can't actually tell you how annoyed my friends and I were. I guess I was just unlucky that day.

All in all, it was a good day, got to meet up with my Boings Boings and CHILL after a long-ish day at uni.
Here are some pictures to conclude...:)


Chicken Katsu Curry.

My Boing Boing, Sally. :)

The fireworks were probably the best bit!

New York Cheesecake! YUM YUM! :)

Lychee slush! My favourite drink at Try Thai!

That's all for now!
Have a nice Sunday everyone!


29 October 2011

Some wars are just not worth fighting...


20 October 2011


I've just downloaded the blogger app onto my phone so thought I'd give it a try! :D Looks like I'll be blogging more often than usual!

Anyway for those who don't know...I'm back on Tumblr! I'll just be uploading pictures/videos onto that rather than big passages of writing. I can't be bothered with all that. =P


18 October 2011

Film Review: Abduction.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I finally got to go to the cinema yesterday! It was like my first time since my holiday in France!
First of all, may I say how HOTTTTTT Taylor Lautner is?! He is one fittttty! Love him love him love him. He's sooooo charming! And omg he has really nice eyes! Basically he has everything. And omgggg apparently he's 19?! PERFECT. ;P *DREAMS*
I only chose to watch this film because he was in it but I'm telling you now it is definitely worth it! Heheeee! Interesting storyline, lots of stunts, a bit of romance, great actors/actresses...this film has it all! Taylor Lautner did a lot of his own stunts in this film which I thought was amazing as it was an action packed film! I was watching one of his interviews earlier and I heard that he's a martial arts expert?! TOO COOL! :P The only bad thing about this film is that we didn't get to see his amazing figure like we do in the Twilight series! Haha! Oh, and all the scenes that him and Lily Collins were in sure got all us girls reallllyy jealous! :P
Great film, watch it!

Please let me be her? Haha.

A bit of eye candy for you girlies!

Beautiful eyes. <3


16 October 2011

TVB Drama: Men With No Shadows (不速之約).

Rating: 3.8 out of 5.

This is one of the most recent TVB dramas that I have been watching! I love the people that are in it and these include Tavia, Bobby and RAYMOND LAMMMM of course! :D HOTNESS! Haha!

At first I found this drama slightly weird as it was about Raymond Lam being a devil and all that but then I kind of got used to it...I think I started to like it more at the scene when Dr O (Bobby) tried to kill Toi Fung (Raymond) by locking him up in a shed and setting it alight. This was when everyone found out that he wasn't really a devil.

As for the ending, I didn't really think it was that great. I'm not sure whether it's just me but a lot of TVB drama endings are a little disappointing...well in my opinion they are. Regardless of that, I guess it is a drama worth watching but I wouldn't say that it's the best TVB drama that I've ever seen...However, if you like Raymond Lam, WATCH IT. :D


09 October 2011


Biggg delay in this post but never mind, it's better than never, right? :)

Well on the 28th August it was MYYYY birthday! :D Ich turned 19...finally! Yes, I'm the youngest out of my year. :/

It was really hectic in the morning! I barely got any sleep! And I had to get up early to go shopping! I had to go out and get some last minute stuff for my birthday outfit! :P Which meant that I didn't have enough time to do my hair. :( Oh well, who cares.

I didn't do much for my birthday really...just had dinner with family and friends...then went clubbing. I still can't believe the parents actually let me! I thought they would have been like NOOO WAYYYY but they were actually alright about it! :P

I had a great time catching up with people but omg I was soooooo annoyed when I went to K2. I had to wait in the rainnnnnn, in my NEW HEELS, that got destroyed, for like an hour and a half! Seriously, what the...?! I didn't really enjoy myself that night...in a way, I kind of regret going to that event! It wasn't worth the money at allllllll.

It was funny seeing Shirley drunkkk though! I had to carry her around the wholeeee club...to and from the toilet every half an hour. Usually, it would be the birthday girl that is wasted but oh no, I was completely soberrrrr!! :)

Anyway...TO the pictures...


At K2!

Thanks for all the cards/presents/red packets! <3

From Ting Ting. :)
Whoever ordered this cake obviously can't remember my name!

Parents' friends and I.

Thanks for all the Facebook comments & messages/texts/tweets/weibo comments!