18 October 2011

Film Review: Abduction.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I finally got to go to the cinema yesterday! It was like my first time since my holiday in France!
First of all, may I say how HOTTTTTT Taylor Lautner is?! He is one fittttty! Love him love him love him. He's sooooo charming! And omg he has really nice eyes! Basically he has everything. And omgggg apparently he's 19?! PERFECT. ;P *DREAMS*
I only chose to watch this film because he was in it but I'm telling you now it is definitely worth it! Heheeee! Interesting storyline, lots of stunts, a bit of romance, great actors/actresses...this film has it all! Taylor Lautner did a lot of his own stunts in this film which I thought was amazing as it was an action packed film! I was watching one of his interviews earlier and I heard that he's a martial arts expert?! TOO COOL! :P The only bad thing about this film is that we didn't get to see his amazing figure like we do in the Twilight series! Haha! Oh, and all the scenes that him and Lily Collins were in sure got all us girls reallllyy jealous! :P
Great film, watch it!

Please let me be her? Haha.

A bit of eye candy for you girlies!

Beautiful eyes. <3


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