18 May 2014

Smile...and the world smiles with you.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Seeing as the weather has been amazing for the past few days!


16 May 2014

Molton Brown Purifying Grapeseed Anti-Oxidant Shower Gel.

I've always seen Molton Brown around in shops but I never really made the effort to check out their product ranges. I received this as a gift and I was excited to try it out. I was very pleased with the product. It has a pleasant aroma, and if I had to describe it in words, I would say that this shower gel smells like men, but in a good way! I did feel a difference in the texture of my skin after using this and so, I have decided to try out more of Molton Brown's products. Unfortunately, I have tried to purchase this again but no matter where I go, I just can't seem to find this particular one. As far as I am concerned, the brand must have stopped producing this shower gel. However there are many other types of body washes which they currently sell so I would definitely recommend checking them out. It is kind of luxurious for a shower gel but it makes having a shower a pleasant experience! 


Bebe Poshe Bronzer.

This is a bronzing powder from an Asian make up brand, Bebe Poshe. The brand is well known in Asia, Taiwan in particular, as the founders of the brand are famous socialites. I really wanted to try out one of their products after seeing the brand being mentioned many times on the internet.

I personally think that the product is quite well suited for Asian (Chinese) people, who have more of a yellow skin tone. However, this does not mean that you can slather it on. You've still got to be quite cautious that you don't over do the contouring! Unfortunately the camera didn't pick up the colour too well on the last picture shown above. However, you can still tell that it's a lovely bronze colour from the palette in the third picture. This bronzing powder has a slight shimmer to it which is one of the downsides to the product. Don't worry though, it isn't too obvious! Before, I was always quite worried about buying bronzers as I think that it's quite difficult trying to find one that doesn't make you look orange or "muddy." I wasn't as worried about purchasing this one because after all, the brand is from Asia, so naturally, it should be a product that is aimed towards the Asian/Chinese market in general. I personally don't mind using this bronzer but I wouldn't rate it as the best one out there.

Have you tried any Bebe Poshe products?


13 May 2014

Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick.

I think this was my first Bobbi Brown product...ever. I was looking for a concealer and I somehow came across this one. I got it in the shade 3.5 (warm beige) which is very close to my skin colour. I like how it is easy to work with because of its creamy consistency. It feels very smooth on the skin and doesn't leave you with dry patches. However, it isn't long lasting. I guess that is why it is referred to as a "touch up stick." I love how it's so small which makes it easy to carry around in your make up bag/handbag. I would use it all over my face, including any blemishes, and even on my under eye area, although it was suggested that it shouldn't be used on that area. It's okay to be rebellious every now and then. I did buy another stick after using this but somehow it has disappeared and I cannot seem to relocate it. Overall, it's a nice product as it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin but its lasting power can be a slight problem.

You can purchase the Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick here, at Debenhams!

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07 May 2014

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion.

Why is it that I always fall ill during the busiest periods of my life? Why? I really do have the world's worst immune system...ever. It's a sad story.

Anyway...let's get back to the topic...

Recently I've been using this body lotion. I have never used any of Aveeno's products until now. For its price, I'm quite impressed. I do feel that it has improved the texture of my skin and I like how it isn't strongly fragranced like many other body creams/lotions. It states that it is fragrance free but there is still a slight fragrance, but don't worry, you'll barely notice it! It definitely keeps the skin moisturised and overall is a good, affordable product.