08 April 2013

Product Of The Day: St Ella Total Solution Eye Contour Cream!

This is probably the first eye cream that I have ever used up in my entire life! I was determined to finish it so that I could see whether it really did help with my panda eyes. First of all, it's light on the skin, which is a bonus. It absorbs quickly into the skin. To be honest, I don't use my eye cream every morning and every night. I have my lazy days when I either can't be bothered or I completely forget. However, I have tried to be good and use an eye cream on a frequent basis. I bought this eye cream when I was on holiday last year. I found that Sonia Sui, who is a famous Taiwanese actress and model, does commercials for this brand so that was one selling point for me. After using the whole tube, I didn't really see how it reduced my dark circles. However, I remember my cousin telling me a week after using this product that my eyes did look better. Therefore, I would not say that it's a bad product. I guess I was simply expecting more.

Which eye creams have you tried?


04 April 2013

Product Of The Day: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

I've finally used up this 100ml of good stuff! I love the scent! It's feminine but not too overpowering so guys may like this scent on their other halves. It is pricey as it is a Chanel product after all, but it smells good! However, there is a downside. It does not seem to last long so I would always have to top up during the day. Personally, I think this makes a great summer perfume! I used it for the entire summer last year!