28 September 2010


Coming back to reality has made me realise how lonely life can be...


When lanes merge...

Just finished watching a TVB drama, called "When lanes merge" and in Chinese that is 情越双白线...
It was really good and I definitely recommend it! It's a shame that there were only 20 episodes though!

But yeahh it made me cry my eyes out and now they're all red and swollen...><" Lol. It has a sad yet happy ending...:/
I just found it really sad how she had to let him go because she knew that he didn't like her anymore...It's hard having to let go when you don't want to and it's even harder watching him be with another girl...:( What's even sadder was that she pretended as if everything was back to normal and that she had fully recovered from that accident...but she was only putting on an act just to make him feel better or should I say less guilty about it...*Sighs*
I feel her pain...
"I'm happy if he's happy..."

Love its theme songs too! :)


26 September 2010

...and more!

More pictures! Hehe!

Hong Kong 2010! ♥ Part2.

Sooo yeahhh...where were we upto...
Oh, yeah, we decided to crash down on these benches and chill for the whole afternoon...but we spent forever trying to find everyone...well what do you expect? We did have like 27 people going so it wasn't going to be easy getting everyone to meet at the same time/place, especially when you're in Disneyland...And trust me, Hong Kong Disneyland is massiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We didn't even get to walk around the whole thing...that's how big it is. ><

What else did we do there? Ermmmm...well we decided to go to Ocean Park which had a lot more rides compared to Disneyland, which was good...but it decided to chuck it down so we all had to run into the shop to get some raincoats...and then they decided that we couldn't go on the rides because of the rain which totally sucked but there wasn't much that we could have done about it...so yeah we just had to make the most of it init. ^^ However we still got to go on some rides and we were even mad enough to go on the same ride 3 times. Haha. That was only because more and more people joined us. ^^ Although it was chucking it down we still managed to do other activities...we got to look at the pandas and they were adorableeeeee. I wanted to take one home...but they were too big to fit into my suitcase. Mwahahaha. We also got to sit in the rain which was lovely, haha, and watch the dolphins...and it was amazingggg what they could do. :)

And ohhh myyy godddd, how drunk were we on the last night?
I was sat with the uncles at the restaurant drinking away and woahhh walking in a straight line proved to be a challenge. Haha. That must have been the drunkest moment ever. However, I still managed to walk back to the motel and have a shower etc. :P So yeah, couldn't have been THAT drunk. Mwahahaha. :P

Overall Hong Kong was greatttt! [= Hehe. I got to meet new people which was really good...so yeah, I gained a lot from this short holiday...but I did leave Hong Kong with a few regrets...I regret not making the most of the time that I had left...I regret not making the first move...I regret...a lot of things...but I shall keep them a secret for now...Hehe.

Let's shout "I ♥ HK!" :D


Some quick snapshots! :)

Hong Kong 2010! ♥ Part1.

I got to go to Hong Kong for like the first time ever! Woop woop! There were 27 of us! Yeah that's a pretty big number...it was just a shame that the trip only lasted for 6 days...but yeah it was one heck of an experience and you could tell that everyone had an amazing timeeee. :)
We tried to cram soooooo much into 6 days as there just wasn't enough time but we managed to make the most of the time that we had there.
I remember the morning we left Sandakan and oh my goddd everything was so hectic. I got up late (as usual) and I was in a proper rushhhhhhh...I couldn't shut my suitcase because I had so much in it! ><>
Us, who had to fly all the way from Sandakan had to fly to Kota Kinabalu and then catch another flight from Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong. In the end, we got there and oh my, I was rather excited. I didn't think I'd be that excited. I felt like a kid all over again...whereas my cousins were just sat there like oh, we've arrived in Hong Kong, cool...Hahaa...that's probably because they've been so many times but yeah it was my first time ever so I was really looking forward to seeing what Hong Kong had in store for us. The airport was really big and it was extremely weird seeing signs in both Chinese and English. And I have never seen so many Chinese people in my entire life!
Then it was time to get our luggage and oh my god it took forever. There was nothing on the luggage belt for a good half an hour and it was rather frustrating but we got there in the end...So we all headed off to the motel and we only had to catch one bus which was really convenient but the only problem was getting the luggage onto the bus and getting it back off again...so as soon as we got to the bus stop, we all ran down to get our suitcases and quickly dragged it off the bus. Lol I felt sorry for those who had to put their suitcases on the second shelves, it must have killed their arms to have to carry such heavy suitcases. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to squeeze their suitcases at the bottom so it was pretty easy dragging mine out even though it weighed like 19kg. Haha. ><"
So we got off the bus and oh my god, it was boilingggggggg!!! It was so hot that I could barely breathe! That's how hot Hong Kong is. I swear I heard it was like above 30 degrees and now that is HOT. It felt so much hotter than Malaysia. And oh my, the streets were soooooooooooooo busy!!! I have never seen such busy streets in my life! I was so worried that I'd get left behind/stood all over that I ran across the roads as soon as the little green man was in sight. Everyone probably thought I was bad but seriously, you can't walk in Hong Kong...you have to peg it! Well that's if you don't wanna get killed/stood on/pushed...:P Thankfully, my uncle helped me carry one of my bags which made it a lot easier as running with a suitcase which weighed 19kg proved to be quite some challenge. Haha. However we all did it...but we were all half dead by the time we got to the motel.
The motel that we stayed in was reallyyyy small but it was clean and that's all that matters really. We had to squeeze four people into a room which only had one single and one double bed because I booked my tickets a lot later than everyone else so no one knew that I'd be tagging along. Haha. The skinny ones had to share the single bed and the slightly chubbier ones had the double bed to share, and that was my cousin and I. :P So yeah, I managed to sleep pretty well. Mwahahaha. It was only for one night anyways...because my auntie decided that it would be best if herself and I move to the other motel which was just next door because there just wasn't enough room for my suitcase to be opened so we moved in with the other lot who arrived the day after.
I didn't think much of it but when I had a look at the motel the day after I was like ohhhh myyyy lordddddd. It was completely different to the previous motel. It was rather OLD. I didn't mind it being old but I didn't appreciate the fact that I had cockroaches keeping me company at night. Hygiene comes first right? Oh well we were only there for a few days so yeah, I soon got used to it. Haha but I remember knocking on the guys' room to get one of them to kill them little buggers but they decided that they'd run away so I just had to leave it...but as soon as Yu Hong left (my cousin's cousin), they decided to come out again. I shouted his name dead loud but I don't think he heard me so I decided to build up the courage and kill them myself. Oh my god I was soooo scared though. You all know what I'm like with insects and stuff like that. ><>
Soooo what else happened? Well we got to go to Disneyland! Woot woot! :P There weren't that many rides which was kinda disappointing but it was still good. And it was soooooooooooooooooooo hot. You should have seen my cousin's little cousin. She was soooooooooooooooo tanned! Bless her! She's sooooooooooo cute! She's one of them little kids who look proper "cool" when they don't smile and when she does, it just lightens the room up. =] She's called Mei Mei too...but Mei Mei as in "younger sister"...well that's what everyone else called her...
Haha and I remember being back at the motel and my uncle was calling her and I was there and I shouted "yeah" and he was like not you, the other Mei Mei. Haha. Embarrassing or what? I was like oh. Hahaa.
But yeah back to Disneyland...everyone was busy snapping away with their cameras while I had to use my phone because my mum's camera decided to die on me the day that I left for Malaysia which was really annoyingggggggg...so I had to just make do with my satio. Oh well, it was better than nothing, right?
So what did we do at Disneyland?
Well half of our time was spent in the shops just purely shopping. Haha. I bought a phone charm, some keyrings, this really cute minnie mouse bobble and other bits and bobs. :) Oh and my auntie got me this Disney shirt...thanks Gugu! =] My uncle has one too but in white. Haha.
We went on a few rides and just walked around really...but we were all dead after like a few hours of walking in the sun and stuff. It was just so tiring so we decided to have a afternoon nap kinda thing on the benches under the trees. Mwahahaa. It was exhausting...but fun at the same time. :)
(To be continued)

25 September 2010

Malaysia 2010. ♥

Well well well...I was in Malaysia for like the whole of summer! And it was wicked! :)
It was one heck of an experience and it was like the longest time I've been away from home. But surprisingly, I wasn't homesick. :P Apart from that one time when I was feeling really really down but yeah I managed to get over it.
You could say that I've gained a lot from this holiday/experience...I've had time to reflect on things...I've made new friends...I've tasted various types of food...I've learnt a lot about other people and their lives...and lots more.
The journey wasn't as smooth as I would have liked it to be but I still enjoyed myself. There were times when I'd laugh so much that I would cry. There were times when I could just sit down and chill with my loved ones. There were times when I would just sit there and watch the world pass by. I had a really good time even though there were ups and downs.
I miss the food so much! "Saya mahu makan ABC!" That means "I want to eat ABC!" ABC is this really fit dessert from Malaysia. :) There's nothing better than sitting in the sun with a bowl of ABC. Someone send one over please. Hehe. I want some cheesy wedges from KFC too. Oh and "gon low min"...(Noodles)...Ermmmm and a bowl of garlic rice from Edo Ichi...Hehe...and that chicken stuff (can't remember its name :P)...*Drooooolssss* The list could go on and on and on!
And ohhh myy godddd I actually ate seafood during my stay in Malaysia! I NEVER eat seafood but yeah, I just had to down whatever was given to me. Haha. But yeah, I managed to swallow it. :P
*Sighs* I'd like to thank those who made the effort to take me out and stuff. It would never have been as enjoyable if it weren't for you lot! So thanks a lot! Really appreciate it! Thanks for the time/effort/money!
And it was nice being able to make Malaysian friends. Hehe. :)
I miss you all sooooo much!!!!!! Hopefully I'll get to see you all pretty soon though? HOPEFULLY. Haha.

[I've uploaded quite a few of my holiday pictures onto Facebook so check them out if you're interested. Hehe. =)]


There's just so much that I want to ask you...Why do you keep on ignoring me? Why do you treat me as if I don't exist? Do you know how much it hurts?

I don't actually know what to do anymore...

I'm just so confused...I have a lot on my mind...I'm tired...

I have thought of letting go but I just can't seem to. I really want to though even though my heart tells me not to. However, my brain is telling me something completely different. Why be a fool and put myself through all of this? Why? I sometimes blame myself but should I really?

A year ago you made me feel as if I actually meant something to someone...Since then you've done nothing but make me feel worthless. Do you know how much that hurts? I've cried and cried and cried and cried and cried but crying ain't going to bring you back...

I asked you whether you actually hated me that much that you couldn't bear talking to me...sitting/standing near me...looking at me...And you asked me whether it was really that important and the answer is yes, it really it is...well it is to me anyway...You probably couldn't care less but to me, it means everything. You told me that you weren't angry/annoyed with me but yet you still decide to ignore my texts/messages? Why? I just don't get it. I asked you what I've done wrong and you said "nothing"... :S So why be like this? Why?

I really wanted to hold you in my arms before I left but I couldn't get my feet to move and I could tell that you felt awkward too. You looked at me and said goodbye but all I could do was smile back at you...well try to at least. I couldn't bear looking into them eyes because I'd knew that I would just break down and cry and that's the last thing that I would want to do in public...

Anyways I shall end this blog post on a positive note...one of my birthday wishes did come true...it's just a shame that I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have...but spending that little bit more time with you was more than what I could have asked for...Just being able to stand a few metres away from you and watch you smile and laugh was enough...well for me it was...even though it was a painful experience too. :')


Nicky Lee 李玖哲 - 最後的那一天. ♥

Stay strong.

She's managed to pull herself through but you can tell that she still misses him loads...It just comes to show that we need to appreciate what we have around us...before everything's taken away from us...I hope she stays strong. Gam bah deh! Jia Yo! :')



Hellloooooooo! I'm back! :)

Woahhh it's been a while since I've updated my blog. Updating two blogs at the same time has proved to be quite some mission...
But yeahhh...
I'm back! Hehe! :)
So yeah, there'll probably be quite a few blog posts going up today.