28 September 2010

When lanes merge...

Just finished watching a TVB drama, called "When lanes merge" and in Chinese that is 情越双白线...
It was really good and I definitely recommend it! It's a shame that there were only 20 episodes though!

But yeahh it made me cry my eyes out and now they're all red and swollen...><" Lol. It has a sad yet happy ending...:/
I just found it really sad how she had to let him go because she knew that he didn't like her anymore...It's hard having to let go when you don't want to and it's even harder watching him be with another girl...:( What's even sadder was that she pretended as if everything was back to normal and that she had fully recovered from that accident...but she was only putting on an act just to make him feel better or should I say less guilty about it...*Sighs*
I feel her pain...
"I'm happy if he's happy..."

Love its theme songs too! :)


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