10 July 2011


OMGGGG I'm soooooo hungry but I can't make anything to eat as I'm waiting for my nails to dry. :P So thought I'd do some blogging to kill time. :) Yes, it takes skill to type with wet nail varnish on. Haha.

Wellll seeing as everyone's doing monthly favourites on their blogs, I thought I'd join the crowd. Yeah, I know I don't have a life but you know, that's just me. :P
So here are my JUNE FAVOURITES...


LOVE YOU! 醉後決定愛上你!
It's such a good drama! It just gets more and more and more interesting!! Can't wait for tonight's episode! It should be out within the next few hours! :)
Love the relationship between Jie Shou (Joseph Chang) and Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang)! It's just too cute! Them two would make a lovellllyyyy couple...in real life! :P

May I just say how gooooooddd this drama is?! And how amazingly hot Lee Min Ho is?! I sooooo would. ;) HAHAAA.
I'm still waiting for the preview of episode 15! It's well gay how they don't release the episode previews straight after anymore. GAY GAY GAY. :( But my mum thinks that it's a good thing. ><" Yes, my mum's watching this too!


PARK MIN YOUNG! :D Yeah, she plays Kim Na Na in City Hunter! :) You've got to watch that drama if you haven't already seen it!!
I personally think she's really pretty. Yeah, I've got to admit that she's not amazingly "good looking" like some other female celebrities but there's just something about her that makes her beautiful. :)
Love the bond between her and Lee Min Ho! I wonder whether there's anything going on between the two! Hopefully not otherwise I won't be able to dream anymore! :P Hahaaa!!
Oh, and apparently she has Twitter? :S But I can't seem to find it so please can someone send me the link if you have it. Ta. :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention how stunning she looks in the picture above! TRES BEAU! :D

I swear she looks stunning in every single picture that has ever been taken off her! Well not fair! :P I wish I was as good looking as her! She has the face! She has the figure! She has the career! She has it all! And oh my, I was pretty shocked about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio! But oh well, I wish them all the best! :) He definitely has good taste! Haha!!


I'm pretty sure you lot can guess who I'm going to include in this category but anywaysssss...;P

WANG LEE HOM! LEE HOM WANG! (Whichever way you want to put it!)


I'm like obsessed with him at the moment. Haha. He's all over my phone, laptop and social networking accounts! Even people who don't know me on Weibo know how obsessed I am with him! :P
He has it alllll!
The gooood looks!
The personality!
The talent!
The career!
The money!
What more could a girl ask for? :P
Someone needs to get me Lee Hom for my birthday please! PRETTY PLEASE. :P

I still can't believe how I didn't notice him in Boys over Flowers...despite him being the male lead. Lol. But yeah, it's never too late...Haha!
He's such a good actor! Even the mother thinks so! And he's toooo good looking! :D


As some of you already know, I loveeee my food. :) I seriously don't get how people can be anorexic in this world when there's such amazing food!! It's unbelievableeeee.

Green tea and lychee ice-cream! YES PLEASEEEE! Went to Sheffield to visit the princess last week and she took us to this cafe/restaurant for lunch and omgggg the ice-cream there was sooooooooo nice! LOVED IT. I need her to take me again! Haha!

STRAWBERRRIESSSS. Possibly my favourite fruit!
The strawberries this season have been sooo nice! Want some? Go to Costco!
I've had like 3-4 boxes so far and summer has only started! Actually, I think I've had more. :P Oh well, there's no harm. Strawberries are good for you! :) They're a source of antioxidants and have high levels of vitamin C.WIN WIN.


Had to cover the ugly face!

OMGGG It's sooo nice!! I remember princess Kirsty buying loadsssss when we were at uni and I saw it in the cash and carry the other week and I thought, WHY NOT?
Once I had it, I fell in love with it!
Dad even bought me a whole box of Wong Lo Kat! Haha! :D
It's meant to be good for you as it's a "leong cha"...Sorry, don't quite know how to translate that into English...
But yeah, it's kind of sugary so it's not all that.


I've been dying from hayfever lately so I've not been able to apply make up as often as I would like to...but never mind. I guess my skin deserves a break from all that "slapping."

Yesss I've been loving this RMK Gel Emulsion Compact! :)
I'm kind of like obsessed with this brand. Haha. I blame RMK for the bankruptcy!
It gives a nice texture but sadly, not enough coverage...so some of you lot might not like it that much....

I got a free sample of this with last month's GLAMOUR magazine! It's soooo small! I definitely need to save up so I can buy the bigger bottle. :)
To be honest, I only bought the magazine so that I could have the posie tint. Haha. I absolutely love it. It's soooo handy. And I love how it's very buildable! Girls, you've got to try it!



I bought a box of these last year in Malaysia as they were doing some kind of deal/promotion thing so I thought why not?! I had heard of them beforehand so I thought I'd give them a try. Yeah, it's been almost a year, and I still have one left. It just comes to show how lazy I am when it comes to looking after my skin! However, I've been using masks more often these days and I love these! Not only are they cheap but rather effective too!
I only have one left now and god knows what I'm going to do! Arrrghhh! There is a shop in China town that sells these masks but it's so much cheaper to buy them in Asia! *Sighs*

Shiseido Gentle Cleansing Cream!

I went to the Shiseido counter last month, wanting to buy a facial mask but came back with this instead! I was amazed when the saleswoman showed me what it could do! It's great for taking make up off and your skin does feel smooth after using it. However, you might not like it's consistency if you don't like gel products. I personally think it's pretty good. However, it is expensive for a make up remover. :/ So I'm not quite sure on whether I would like to purchase it again. We'll see...


Yessss it's LeeHom again! :P I'm sorry about the LeeHom overload but I just can't help myself! HAHA.

Love A-Lin's voice! She was DEFINITELY born to sing!
Loved her version of JJ's and LeeHom's songs!!
It's such a shame she didn't win a GMA though! Oh well, there's always next year!

Right, this has been a very long blog post.
So here they are, my JUNE FAVOURITES. :)

Need to feed myself so I'm going to shoot. Ta ta!



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  2. @itsthuybui: Thank youuuuu!! :D x

  3. WONG LO KAAAT!!! That's also one of my favourite drinks, my mum doesn't want me to drink them though, urgh.

    *Ahem, be careful what you're showing off there!