01 February 2013

TVB Drama: Missing You.

I personally enjoyed watching this drama and I loved the characters played by the cast. Linda Chung is probably one of my favourite TVB actresses at the moment. Her acting is comfortable to watch and also her co-star Jason Chan is cute too! Apparently this was his first time playing such a big role in a drama and I thought that he did well. And oh my, I didn't know he was British too! Homie alert! Haha. The drama is based on an association which involves helping people find their lost ones, so the storyline was rather "fresh," if that makes sense. Linda and Jason make an adorable on-screen couple and I hope to see them together again in future dramas. All in all, I liked this drama and it was nice being able to watch a modern TVB drama as there have been a lot of costume dramas broadcasted lately.