29 February 2012

I'll never understand why.

Life can be so cruel at times...

Toooooooo cruel.


19 February 2012

TVB Drama: L'Escargot (缺宅男女).

LOVED this drama! Definitely one of the best TVB dramas that I've seen lately! It's such a shame that Ka Lok (Linda) and Dai Ding (Ron) weren't together at the end! :'( Them two should have so got back together! *Sobs* They were made for one another! The mother shouldn't have died either! I nearly cried my eyes out during that bit!
All in all, good drama! It's definitely worth watching!


16 February 2012

Londres...it's been a while.

Went down to London just recently, to see Fish Leong! :)))) It was kind of a mad day as nothing was really planned...as usual. Ended up just going with the flow...but we got there.

Got to London in the early afternoon and I really wanted to try out this Malaysian restaurant that my parents had been to...WITHOUT me. We spent like more than an hour trying to look for it and we still couldn't find it. I swear we walked around the whole of China Town yet we were nowhere near it! It was such a bad idea to go to China Town on that day as it was a Sunday and everyone was celebrating Chinese New Year! It was madnesssss!! Definitely don't plan on going to Chino Town again during Chinese New Year...well not in London anyway! It's OVERCROWDED...actually, that's probably an understatement. 

We went to this AUTHENTIC Korean restaurant for brunch. WE WERE STARVING.

After having our brunch we thought we'd have a stroll around London for a bit as we still had time left! So we headed to Oxford Street and oh my, I got to have a look around Forever21 for like the first time! I was well excited! It's such a shame that we couldn't shop though! Must go back sometime! Some foreigners are going to be like errr what's so special about Forever21...well there's only like 2/3 in England at the moment so that's why I was so amazed. The clothes in there looked pretty nice. :)

We wanted to go to Harrods afterwards, well I did anyway, but we couldn't seem to find it so we asked a couple and they were like errr it's pretty far away from here...They asked us where we were all from and I said Manchester and they seemed surprised? :S Maybe I just look reallllly Chino?
Instead of going to Harrods, we went to the BIGGEST Selfridges EVER. It is sooooo much better than the one we have! Tres tres grande!

Time was up and we had to go to the Apollo! We got there and OMG I had never seen so many Chinese people in my life! The queue was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long!

Just wait until you see the other photo!

The queue was incredibly long so we returned after like 40 minutes and then we got stopped by one of the workers outside the arena...well my friends did. 

So why were they approached?

To see more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou2SnDksA3I

I'm so glad I got out of it! Well I kind of ran off to be precise.

We just got in in time! But OMG we were fuming when we got to our seats to realise that there was a couple already sat there. We complained to one of the members of staff and she checked both our tickets, and the couple's tickets and apparently the system sold the same tickets twice...I'm sorry but how the heck did that happen. What annoyed us even more was that we ended up having to sit on the side and it wasn't like the tickets were cheap! We paid for four seats and they gave us three! Also, we could barely see a thing from our angle. I was...ANNOYED.

Half way through the concert, these girls came in and told us that we were sat in their seats and started moaning. We told them that we were told to sit there by a member of staff as our seats were taken yet she still moaned at us. I'm sorry but we paid for four tickets and we got three, how do you think we felt? We were just doing as we were told. She started to get a little grumpy and I got so annoyed that I actually said something. Normally I would keep my mouth shut but she was taking everything out on us! Not taking that crap. So doing what she should have done minutes ago, she called another member of staff over and my friends and them discussed what was going on...so the member of staff got all three tickets and compared...and guess what we found out...the couple that was sit in OUR seats were meant to be sat DOWNSTAIRS, AT THE BACK. CHEEKY OR WHAT? :O Soooooooo SNEAKY!
And how the heck did that woman earlier read the seat numbers WRONG? :S
So yeah, we weren't happy with the service at all!
In the end we got our four seats back and enjoyed the second half of the concert.

Regardless of the bad service, Fish Leong performed WELL! Lovedddd her voice! <3 She didn't miss a single note! 
It was a shame that she didn't bring a guest with her though!

This was my favourite outfit of hers!

All in all, it was nice being able to go to London again after so many years! I would love to go again this year! Maybe in the summer eh...

That's it for now...



07 February 2012

TOP 10 of Jan!

I just felt like doing a random blog post and thought that this would be a good subject to do!
I guess I could make it a monthly thing...

1. Favourite Drama:

I'm not watching that many dramas at the moment...I usually watch about 4 at the same time but there aren't that many decent dramas out at the moment. :( I'm currently watching Skip Beat and L'Escargot...Are there any dramas that you guys could recommend? :) It's not like I have plenty of time to kill but yeah, I ALWAYS have time for dramas. :P Shouldn't really though...

Anyway, my favourite drama from Jan has to be Ring Ring Bell. :) I couldn't stop watching it! Waiting for another episode to be released every Sunday had become a routine. Hehe.
Oh, and may I say how FIT Peter Ho is! Have you seen them abs?! :P

2. Favourite Song:

This song has been on repeat for the past month. LOVE it. It's part of Ring Ring Bell's soundtrack!
It's called 知足, by 紀家盈(家家).

However, it is a little depressing. :P

3. Favourite Iphone App:

"Mei Tu Xiu Xiu!"
Yes, it's a Chino photoshopping app! :) It's so handy and it offers quite a lot of effects! Plus it's freeee! ;) It isn't hard to use and therefore, all you Non-Chino's will be able to use it too!

4. Favourite Skincare Product:

This is Carmex's fairly new lip balm! And I loveeee it! It's great for dry, chapped lips! Carmex's lip balms are a must-have! Especially when it's winter!

5. Favourite Make-Up Product:

I haven't really been wearing make-up as much lately. :( It's probably because I never have time in the mornings. Maybe I should start making more of an effort...but it's only uni? Who cares what you look like...:P

I love RMK's products as most of my closed ones would know. A little RMK obsessive. Haha. I think I've calmed down a bit though. ;)
I love all of RMK's foundations but I've been using their creamy one the most lately. I love that dewy effect that it gives your skin. People around me also like this product so it must be pretty decent. ;)

6. Favourite Youtube Video:

I've been watching Super Junior videos 24/7 for the past few weeks! So stalkerish! ;)
It's funny how Eunhyuk is always HYPERRRR at all the award ceremonies! He's just too funny! And so is ShinDong! They're adorable!
SJ all the way!

7. Favourite Snack:

EDO cheese crackers!

(I couldn't find a picture of the cheese ones and I can't be bothered taking a pic so this will have to do for now. :P)
The cheese ones have red on the packaging instead of blue!

8. Favourite Celebrity:

I have loadsssssssss! The list is endless! :P


Okay, it has to be...Siwon Choi for the moment! :D
Sooooo fit! Soooo cute! Sooooo funny! Sooooo nice! Just...sooooo EVERYTHING. Haha.
Someone get him for my birthday and I'll love you forever. ;)

(Some eye candy for all you girlies!)

9. Favourite Hair Product:

I've been using this for quite a long time now. :) It's good for reducing/getting rid off dandruff...I like how it's a shampoo and not one of them extra hair treatments that you have to apply after washing/conditioning your hair blah blah blah. It saves so much time. ;) And the effects are gut!

10. Favourite Scent: 


Bought this when I went on holiday last year and I'm still using it! Love the smell! It's a little strong, but in a good way! ;) It's one of them perfumes that I would definitely buy again and again!

Right, that's all for January! I still can't believe how fast time has gone! I still remember how we were all celebrating Christmas...and BAMMMM...we're now in the second week of Feb! ==" I wish I had a time machine so that I could stop time for a bit. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to be more efficient with our time!


05 February 2012


Okay...well I have a confession to make...

I'm kind of obsessed with Siwon Choi at the moment. :P He is just soooooooooo fit! :P HAHA.
I still can't believe he was in London for a week! SO CLOSE YET SO FAR!
He left the day before I went down to Londres!

Anyway, watch these videos and you'll understand...;)


He was meant to be perfect! ;)

Gosh doesn't he look FIT in a polo shirt?! *drools*