07 February 2012

TOP 10 of Jan!

I just felt like doing a random blog post and thought that this would be a good subject to do!
I guess I could make it a monthly thing...

1. Favourite Drama:

I'm not watching that many dramas at the moment...I usually watch about 4 at the same time but there aren't that many decent dramas out at the moment. :( I'm currently watching Skip Beat and L'Escargot...Are there any dramas that you guys could recommend? :) It's not like I have plenty of time to kill but yeah, I ALWAYS have time for dramas. :P Shouldn't really though...

Anyway, my favourite drama from Jan has to be Ring Ring Bell. :) I couldn't stop watching it! Waiting for another episode to be released every Sunday had become a routine. Hehe.
Oh, and may I say how FIT Peter Ho is! Have you seen them abs?! :P

2. Favourite Song:

This song has been on repeat for the past month. LOVE it. It's part of Ring Ring Bell's soundtrack!
It's called 知足, by 紀家盈(家家).

However, it is a little depressing. :P

3. Favourite Iphone App:

"Mei Tu Xiu Xiu!"
Yes, it's a Chino photoshopping app! :) It's so handy and it offers quite a lot of effects! Plus it's freeee! ;) It isn't hard to use and therefore, all you Non-Chino's will be able to use it too!

4. Favourite Skincare Product:

This is Carmex's fairly new lip balm! And I loveeee it! It's great for dry, chapped lips! Carmex's lip balms are a must-have! Especially when it's winter!

5. Favourite Make-Up Product:

I haven't really been wearing make-up as much lately. :( It's probably because I never have time in the mornings. Maybe I should start making more of an effort...but it's only uni? Who cares what you look like...:P

I love RMK's products as most of my closed ones would know. A little RMK obsessive. Haha. I think I've calmed down a bit though. ;)
I love all of RMK's foundations but I've been using their creamy one the most lately. I love that dewy effect that it gives your skin. People around me also like this product so it must be pretty decent. ;)

6. Favourite Youtube Video:

I've been watching Super Junior videos 24/7 for the past few weeks! So stalkerish! ;)
It's funny how Eunhyuk is always HYPERRRR at all the award ceremonies! He's just too funny! And so is ShinDong! They're adorable!
SJ all the way!

7. Favourite Snack:

EDO cheese crackers!

(I couldn't find a picture of the cheese ones and I can't be bothered taking a pic so this will have to do for now. :P)
The cheese ones have red on the packaging instead of blue!

8. Favourite Celebrity:

I have loadsssssssss! The list is endless! :P


Okay, it has to be...Siwon Choi for the moment! :D
Sooooo fit! Soooo cute! Sooooo funny! Sooooo nice! Just...sooooo EVERYTHING. Haha.
Someone get him for my birthday and I'll love you forever. ;)

(Some eye candy for all you girlies!)

9. Favourite Hair Product:

I've been using this for quite a long time now. :) It's good for reducing/getting rid off dandruff...I like how it's a shampoo and not one of them extra hair treatments that you have to apply after washing/conditioning your hair blah blah blah. It saves so much time. ;) And the effects are gut!

10. Favourite Scent: 


Bought this when I went on holiday last year and I'm still using it! Love the smell! It's a little strong, but in a good way! ;) It's one of them perfumes that I would definitely buy again and again!

Right, that's all for January! I still can't believe how fast time has gone! I still remember how we were all celebrating Christmas...and BAMMMM...we're now in the second week of Feb! ==" I wish I had a time machine so that I could stop time for a bit. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to be more efficient with our time!


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