05 December 2010


We have all kinds of people living us in this world. There are those who are loving, caring, friendly, generous...yet we have those who are stuck up, arrogant, cold blooded and simply cruel.

People usually say that good things come to good people...but that isn't usually the case...Sometimes we're nice to people and all they do is throw it back in our faces...There are times when I wonder what is the point in being so nice to people if they're just gonna be like that? Why make an effort when they simply don't care?
When you're too nice, people think you're fake...when you aren't, they go around telling everyone how horrible you are...You can't please everyone.
I've always had this theory, if someone's nice to you, you have to be nice to them too. If they've done something bad, then make sure that it hits them back in the face! Or maybe Karma would do the job for me. That's how the world works. Therefore peeps, you need to make sure that you're as nice as you can be to everyone...well unless they've done something really bad...

We've all come across liars, users, backstabbers and the rest of them. Sadly, it's a part of life...As I just said, you really can't please everyone in life...so why bother? There are people out there who you just weren't meant to get on with...It's true. It's impossible for all of us to get on with each other...as we're all different in our own ways. We have different tastes, preferences, opinions...so obviously we're going to clash at some stage. However, just because you know that you won't click with someone doesn't give you the excuse to be mean and say horrible things about them behind their backs...At least try to be graceful about it...I remember seeing someone who I knew wasn't particularly fond of me and I attempted to smile at her...kind of. :P And she just gave me this really weird look and I was like Woah, okay, no need for that. She looked at me from head to toe and I was thinking to myself, you do know that it is rude to look at someone like that, right? Oh well, I just ignored her anyway. It's not as if I liked her either so yeah, whatever. Haha. We shouldn't let people like them get to us. They're seriously not worth it whatsoever. :)

We've all come across people who just start on us for no apparent reason...It makes me think...how do you find the time to do all this? 24 hours ain't even enough for me. ><"
Unfortunately my mates and I got to experience what it was like...It was only a recent event. There's this girl, who's also known as someone's girlfriend, and she's just a little possessive over her boyfriend...or maybe I should say, she's a bit messed up in the head. Well it seems that way from what I've seen and heard. First of all, she decides to start on my mate, and then she was done with her and a few months later, she decides to strike again and starts accusing my mate of "stealing" her boyfriend. Come on, as if my mate would want to do that. Maybe if your boyfriend was as hot as Kim Hyun Joong but sorry he ain't. And it's not like he has the nicest personality ever. He doesn't win either way. FORTUNATELY, only you see the good in that boyfriend of yours. I just want her to know that it was actually her boyfriend that liked my mate. He was the one trying to hit on her so don't make it out as if it's the other way round because it wasn't. I just hate it when people accuse people of doing something that they haven't done. People need to get their facts straight before they open that mouth of theirs. Think before you speak. So yeah, she got over that after a few swear words and the rest of it...and before I knew it, I woke up one morning...in Malaysia, feeling all relaxed and I decide to go on my cousin's laptop...I checked my Facebook for any notifications/messages as I usually on a daily basis...*1 message*...I think to myself...Oooohhh who's that off...and then I get a message off "someone" calling me a slag...Yeah, just out of the blue...Seriously, could she be any more IMMATURE? I know that you're still "young" and everything but your parents must have taught you how to be "polite" to others at some point in your life...Either it just went over your head...or they never did. I bet your parents are well proud of you...especially with all them words that come out of your dirty mouth. I could get you some mouthwash if you want? :P
I'm sorry but I will not take crap like that from anyone. NO WAY. And neither will I let myself fall to your level. I can play my cards better than that. :) And swearing like there's no tomorrow does not make you "hard"...it just shows how far your vocabulary can go...i.e. not very far. A few months on...she gets bored again and decides to leave us comments and everything...it's like come on, at least grow up...it's been a few months, maybe you should be a bit more productive with your time and learn how to GROW UP for God's sake! Yes I did block you and I'm pretty sure you know why...so don't ask me stupid questions like "Why did you block me" blah blah blah. I don't need people like you in my life. So please just get on with yours and I'll get on with mine.

There are also people out there who will only befriend you when they need something from you. Be careful you lot, there's A LOT of them out there! And I mean A LOT. I think I've come across quite a few. And I've seen it happen to others...I sometimes wonder whether they ever feel guilty about it...obviously not seeing as they do it time after time...I get how like everyone will need some kind of help at some stage in their lives...But don't just use people as if they're your toys...it's just morally wrong. And it ain't a nice feeling to be used over again and again...People only fall for it because they're trying to be nice to them...but what do they get in return? Nothing. People these days can be soooooooo selfish that it's unbelievable...Just remember, some day you could fall in the trap too and get a taste of your own medicine!

Seriously, there are ALL kinds of people in this world.

Gold diggers.
Trouble makers.
Cold blooded.
Stuck up.

The list could go on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

There will always be people like them in our lives. Actually, should we even refer to them as "people?" ><" There'll come and go at some stage in our lives. It's part of the journey.
Make sure that you don't fall to their level! These people aren't worth a penny! They really aren't.
Don't give them that satisfaction that they're after! Simply...DON'T.


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