30 December 2010

Bye Bye 2010! Hello 2011! :)

Well...we're only a day away from the NEW YEAR! :) A new year, a new start, a new chapter of my life! :D I'm just so glad that 2010 is coming to an end. I can't believe how fast it's gone but yeah, I cannot wait for it to be over. I can officially state that 2010 has been the worst year of my life...yet. :/ I just hope things start to turn around in 2011. Where are my guardian angels when I need them? :( It's time that I have some sort of happiness in my life, isn't it?

2010...was a really tough year. I've literally spent the past 365 days...crying. :( I found life...really challenging. I felt as if everything just fell apart. Nothing was ever right. And when it was, there was always something/someone that had to spoil it. I'm actually surprised, yet relieved, that I've actually lasted this long. Haha. I really am. I've learned a lot this year...both good and bad. :')

Quite a lot has happened this year...there's been some EXTREME LOWS...:'( But then there has been some EXTREME HIGHS too...:') Just that there were more lows, than highs. Oh well, that's life right? Life ain't perfect. And neither are we.

Well I left Hulme (my school's sixth form college) this year...I was there for 7 years...and omg how fast has it gone?! I feel soooo old now. ><" Haha. I kind of miss everyone. :( I didn't think I would but I do. And I couldn't go to that presentation evening because I had to do that stupid IT assignment as the deadline was on the same day...and I wouldn't have been able to get there. *Sighs* Only if I could drive...and only if I wasn't the kind of person to leave everything to the last minute. My A level results weren't great but I got into uni which was the main thing, thank god. :) Uni is sooooooooooooooo different to college...:( In college, the teachers would spoon feed us whereas in uni, they don't really care. It's up to you whether you want to the work or not. *Sighs* There's so much responsibility...and you have to rely on yourself for almost EVERYTHING. I miss being spoon fed everything. :P Where are Danson/Wailes/Langdon when you need them? Haha. Although I've left Hulme for quite a few months now, I still find it weird having Jamil and other people teaching me economics. Haha. ==" But yeah I miss Hulme. :( I'd love to be able to go back sometime to visit everyone even though there are some teachers that I didn't really like. *Coughs* :P

Sadly, a few days after our last Business Studies exam, a college friend passed away. :'( It was such a shock. :( :( :( He was in the same class as me for both Business Studies and ICT so yeah, I found it quite hard to accept the fact that he had just gone like that...I just think it's soooo unfair how someone up there has just taken him away from his family and friends just like that. He didn't deserve it whatsoever...Accidents happen and I guess they just can't be avoided. I hope he's at peace. :) He was a decent lad, who was genuinely nice. :) And he was so smart! Whenever we had problems with our computers/technology he'd be the first person we would all turn to. Haha. It'd be like "Helme this, Helme that." Haha. :') He would always use these really technical terms and I'd be like :S :S :S. Haha.
R.I.P Helme. You will always be remembered. :') Always.
I've learned a lot from Helme...and his departure...
It just shows that we should never take anything for granted...And make the most of the time that you have left...as you never know whether there'll ever be tomorrow. So if you want to do something, do it...if you want to tell someone something, say it...before it's too late...
However, I'm sure that Helme had a wonderful life. :') It's just a shame that it was cut so short. I just hope that someone up there is looking after him and will let him come back to this world as a stronger person, living a longer life. :)
The fact that Helme passed away after 18 years kind of scares me at time...as he was born on the exact same day as me...28th August 1992. It makes me think...that could have been me...
Life is so unpredictable...it really is. I guess that's just part of the game.
Just remember, when life tries to pull you down, fight your way back up! Don't give up!

2010 has also taught me that all of us must be extra careful with our finances! People often say that money isn't everything but seriously, in this world, you can't get anywhere without money. Unfortunately that's just how the real world works...whether you like it or not. I've always been rubbish at handling money as I'm one them people who just end up flinging money around on the most pointless things ever. However, I am a lot better than I used to be. :P I just hate how people always think that I spend half of my time shopping/spending money when I actually do work...and no I don't get everything that I want. And no I don't have everything. However I am grateful that my parents have always tried to give me the best in life. As I'm an only daughter, my parents are really overprotective, as most of my friends have probably noticed. Sometimes I feel as if I'm a big let down. There's nothing that I'm good at. I can't do anything right. I'm probably the dumbest person ever. ><" I actually feel sorry for my parents. I can't imagine what it's like having a daughter like myself...It must be stressful. I just hope that one day, I'm able to make something of myself...and give the best of everything to my parents. Let's just hope that I'll succeed in whatever I do.

Let's look at some of the highlights of 2010...well I got to go to Malaysia for 10 weeks! Woop woop! Haha! It was great being able to see all my relatives again! And I made some new Malaysian friends too which was cool. :) I'm so grateful for all of them giving up their time to take me around and stuff. Words can't explain how grateful I am. Hehe. I also got to go to Hong Kong which was mint! It was my first time going to Hong Kong and there was like 27 of us going which made it even more exciting! Hehe! We were only there for like 6 days but I still had a really good time! I can't actually believe how busy it was! And omg the people were sooooooo rude! Apparently they're nicer these days but I still find them rude. :P Haha.
But yeah, it was a good summer holiday...however, I found it emotionally challenging...I had many sleepless nights...but in the end I thought it was worth the pain. :')

This year I've felt that I don't actually know my friends as well as I thought I did. I sometimes feel that there's this barrier between us...but hopefully things will begin to change.
However I would also like to thank those who have been there for me during the tough times. You all know who you are. :') I really appreciate it. I would like to thank you for being such a good listener...thank you for the support/advice...thank you for not judging me...Basically thanks for being there. You'll never understand how much it means to me to know that I can rely on you(s). :)

My personal life...has been all over the place this year. Up and down...up and down...up and down... *Sighs*
Mainly downs...:(
It's been more than a year and I'm still stuck in the same old place...There's nothing that I can do about it though. :( What am I supposed to do? Wait?
I try to show that I care but I sometimes feel like an idiot as I just get ignored time after time. I really don't know what have I done wrong this time...I was hoping that you might tell me yourself but at this moment in time, I can't see it happening. :(
For the meantime, I'll just have to wait.

Also, I've been ill like all year round. I swear there's always something wrong with me...It's either really bad stomachaches...headaches...migraines...nose bleeds...hayfever...colds...flus...gastric pains...sore throats...skin problems...*Sighs* I really don't know what my body's playing at. Looks like I'm going to have to take extra care of my body and start paying more attention to my health. :/

Well to summarise everything up, 2010...has been the worst year going. I just hope that 2011 will be a better one! I am going to try and stay as positive as I can for the new year! I think we all need a new start!
So yeah, I'm going to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance! All the best!!! :)


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  1. stumbled across your blog wen i was searching for my friends blog ... anyways your last paragraph in this blog summed up my life. Just thought i let u know :)