21 December 2010

A day out with my boing boings!

^I spent like half an hour trying to sort my fringe out after getting it cut! =="

^Do you like my style? ;P

^Sorry, I just had to cover my ugly face. =="

^Someone's happy with their new haircut! Whereas I was about to cry when I saw how short my fringe was! :/ Can't wait for it to grow!

^It's time for some green tea ice cream I think! :D

^The scarf which saved me yesterday after waiting in the cold for like an hour! ><

^Sarah, this is such an attractive pose! :P

^ Boing Boing stuffing her face!

Well well well...I got to go out yesterday with my boing boings! :D God it's been ages since the last time we went out! as a group of three! ^^ The good old times!

For the first time everrrr, we all had our hair cut TOGETHER. ^^ We went to this place in China Town, only because my mum said that it was good as the guy that used to do my hair at his house now works there but omg I was not happy with the outcome. My hair looks really short and my fringe is just toooooooooooooooooooo short. :/ :/ :/ I need it to growwwwwwwww...like NOWWWWW. :/
When it grows out, it should be a perfect side fringe. Well it better be! I do not wanna go around looking like this! ==" It's...UGLY.
Haha boing boing wasn't too happy with her hair either however, Sarah Yong was happier than ever as you can tell from my photos and decided to rub it in that her hair looks better than ours! ==" Lol. Never mind, our hair WILL grow Yongo! :P

We did some hardcore shopping but omg I could not find the perfect winter coat. I went around the whole of Manchester in the cold I couldn't find anything...and when I did, it was too expensive. I saw this really nice Karen Millen parka coat and omg it was like £235! £235 for a coat? ==" What the...? I could buy like 2-3 coats with that kind of money. :( *Sighs* It's times like these when I wish I was rich. :(
I saw this nice parka in erm Urban outfitters as well but it was £125 so I didn't know whether to buy it or not and decided to leave it in the end...It was pretty nice though. :)
Oh well, I've decided that I'm not going to buy anything until after Christmas as that's when the sales will start kicking in! ^^ As my dad says, to buy stuff now is like the most stupid thing anyone could ever do as the sales are only a few days away! Woop woop! I cannot wait! I'm going to shop until I drop on boxing day and after that! :P Hopefully there'll be some nice stuff in the sales. :( The Christmas sales last year were so crap so hopefully there'll be nicer stuff this year. =|

What else did we do yesterday...Hmmmm...EAT. Omg I ate sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much yesterday. I've probably put on like 3kg in a day! I had loads of sushi/Japanese food at Wasabi! And some green tea ice cream! :P Is it me or does green tea ice cream not taste of anything? Lol. And then I had loads of Chinese food for dinner. Miam miam! :) It feels soooo good to be able to just stuff my face! Haha! Even though there are consequences!

But yeah, it was a really good day overall, regardless of having to wait for the bus in the cold for like more than half an hour! My dad had to come and pick me up instead so that meant waiting for another half an hour and omg it was like -5 degrees! Therefore people, NEVER rely on public transport! NEVER EVER!


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