05 December 2010

A quick update. :)

Well well well...Life is rather stressful at the moment. :/ And I've not even been up to much... ><" I've got a loadddddd of work to do and I've not even started yet. :/ :/ :/ DET essay needs to be in soon and I haven't even started. :P Well I was supposed start it today but as you probably already know, I like to leave EVERYTHING to the very LAST MINUTE. :/ But yeah, I'm gonna have to start on that pretty soon seeing as like everyone has and the deadline's only a few days away...so wish me luck with that! Then I've got like 10 IT worksheets to do. *Sighs* That's gonna have to wait for now seeing as I have quite a few tests coming up which I need to start revising for...Arrrghhh someone help me! Whoever said that your first year in uni is dead easy obviously is off their head! I bet it's just the people who do economics/medicine who get this much work. Everyone else seems to be having the time of their life! Life's never fair is it? I reckon my uni life would be soooo much more interesting if I could actually live away from home but with my parents being so overprotective they would never let me. >< My mum thinks that I'll end up sleeping around blah blah blah...><" It's like come on, am I really that cheap? I ain't some idiot and I'm definitely not that desperate! *Sighs* Parents never trust their kids these days...or is it just me? and the fact that I'm an only child doesn't help I suppose...
I just wanna be able to do what every other student can do and go out and have a good time with their mates etc. :| I guess I'll never get to experience what it's really like to be a student. :( Definitely losing out...in a way.

I found out the other week that I had a two fishes in my pond. Dad told me and I was like what the...since when... *confuzzled face* He got them when I was on holiday in Malaysia...I guess you tend to lose contact with the rest of the world when you're on holiday and I was on holiday for like 10 weeks which meant that I didn't have a clue what was going on back at home...Anyway back to the fishes...omg one died a few days after I found out about it...:/ It was like lying on its side and I told my dad and my dad was like "What? That can't be..." And then he realised that it had died...:( :( :( And we kinda had to dispose it...:/ I remember having two goldfishes a few years back...I named them Tom and Jerry. :) But they died after like 10 days. :( I remember Sarah (my mate) sleeping over at mine and she walked into the kitchen and then shouted me and I was like "Stop messing about" and then I kinda realised that she was being serious. I was so upset that I even started crying. Lol. Apparently it was because I fed them too much and they kind of exploded in the small tank which I used to have. Trust me, it wasn't a pleasant sight. I can still remember what they looked like and omg it's making me gag a little. I cried when a fish died so imagine me having like a puppy or whatever that died...I don't think I could handle it. I guess I'm not one for having pets.
*Sighs* I hope my dad's little fishy R.I.P. :( :( :(

This week, I got to meet up with my boing boing! :) Miss Sally Smelly So! Hahaa! She wouldn't let me take any pictures of her so this was the best I could do. ><" Gay. :P Haha she's gonna kill me when she sees this. But yeah anyway, it's great being able to meet up with my besties every now and then! It definitely brings a smile to my face...although I did have a migraine on the day and my head was BANGING it! Thank god I had it AFTER uni though. :/ I seriously can't stand these migraines. They KILL. I've had two this week. One on Tuesday, and one on Friday...><" Which meant that I couldn't go to the Macro lecture on Friday morning...I'm already really behind in Macro and it certainly doesn't help when you have these migraines attacking you whenever they feel like it. What are these scientists playing at?! I beg them to come up with some cure/treatment at least for it...pleaseeeeeeee...I beg you all. These migraines are just torturing me. It's like a hangover but 1000000000000000000000000000000000 times worse, not that I've ever had one but yeah...:P I bought this book like 2 months ago about migraines...maybe I should start reading it. :/ I actually bought 3 books in one go and I haven't even read one of them yet. I've read like maybe 22 pages from that Economist book and I think I've read like 10 pages of that Body Language book...and the Migraine book...I've not even touched yet. :P What a waste of money...><" Well not exactly, it's just that I've not had the "time" too...I'll get round to them...sometime. :D Can't let all that money go to waste can we? After all, books these days aren't cheap whatsoever. :/ :/ :/ "Inflation." :P

Anyway, I'll leave it there for now. Hopefully I didn't go on for too long. :P

Take care everyone! :)

Love you all!


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