07 September 2013

August Favourites 2013!

Another month has been and gone...just like that!
August has always been my favourite month...and that's because my birthday is in August obviously! Haha.
Anyway, here are my August 2013 favourites!

1. Favourite scent: Hollister Malaia.

I love love love the smell of this perfume! It's simply...gorgeous! Don't you all just love the smell of Hollister shops? I wished my room smelled like their shops 24/7!

2. Favourite Drama: Triumph in the Skies 2 衝上雲霄II .

I'm so sad that this drama is coming to an end! I really like it! I feel so sorry for Jayden (Chi Lam) though! I really wanted Jayden and Holiday to be together...but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen! This drama is probably one of the best TVB dramas I've seen in a while! I love how there's quite a few big celebrities in this one!

3. Favourite Song: "I know" by Bii 畢書盡.

It is a sad song but I love it! It's on the soundtrack of "Love Around" which is a Taiwanese drama. Anyone else been watching it?
I must say Bii has a great voice. It's just so soothing!

4. Favourite Make-Up Item: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.

This was kind of an impulse buy! I had my eyes on it a very long time ago but I never thought that it was worth the price. After using it, I kind of do think that it's worth the price. It really does make applying mascara onto the bottom lashes so much easier. I have very short eyelashes like most Chinese girls and trust me, applying mascara using an ordinary brush/wand to your bottom lashes can be quite a mission. Also, it seems to be quite long lasting!

5. Favourite Skincare Product: RMK Firming Essence.

Okay, you're probably wondering why is she using a firming essence at her age...Well initially, I wanted to buy the brightening essence but the RMK counter in my area didn't have any in stock and I desperately wanted to try one out so the sales assistant suggested that I tried this one. I certainly don't regret buying it! It smells divine! It isn't often I find pleasant smelling skincare products.

6: Favourite Hair Product: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. 

I love this stuff! I always feel like pampering my hair but I can never be bothered with those 10-15 minute hair masks. I'm just too impatient, hence why I think this product is great! It's affordable which is a bonus too!

7: Favourite Food: Strawberry Split.

I'm addicted to these! One of my all time favourites! For anyone living outside the UK who don't know what these are...these are strawberry ice-lollies which have vanilla ice-cream in them! So good!

8. Favourite Celebrity: George Hu 胡宇威 .

Obviously LeeHom Wang is my all time favourite but I thought I'd spice things up on here! George Hu is just so adorable...and hot of course! I love his acting! And I love his dimples! Haha. I can't wait for Sunday's episode of Love Around!

September's here already...Wow, just wow. Hope it's a pleasant month for all of you! MWAH! XOXO

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