02 July 2011

I don't like this world. I want to live in my own world.

I'm absolutely shattered! Just got back from work and I can barely keep my eyes open...not because I'm tired but because of this stupid hayfever. Yes, I'll be moaning about my hayfever all summer, whether you like it or not. ;) I'm soooooooo JEALOUS of those who don't have it. Godddd, why is life so unfair for? *BIG SIGH*

OMG! There was this guy on Weibo who kept on leaving me comments! And they weren't just your average comments...he started saying all sorts of stuff...
"I like you."
"I love you."
"You're cute...I like you."
Last but not least, "I want to have sex with you."
I was like O.O when I read the comment. It's just sickkkkkk. I wanted to puke!
I'm sorry but why would you come out with such a comment?! He has gutsssss!!
I was talking about it with a friend on Facebook and yeah, I wouldn't be as horrified if he was like super hot like Lee Hom/Lee Min Ho but when you aren't, it just makes everything worse. :/ I might sound shallow but it's true.
Jeeezzz...he must have a lot of self-confidence to think that he can get any girl. URGH. I hate guys who think that way. It's revolting. I'm sorry to disappoint you mate but not every girl wants to have sex with you. The fact that I haven't responded to any of your requests kinda shows that!
Oh well, I reported/blocked him...so yeah, let's leave it at that.

I was working today as I mentioned earlier in this blog post and every Friday, there'll be two men who would bring two elder men with them. These two men are around the age of 60 and they have slight problems...some people would refer to them as "not normal" but I don't like calling them that, so yeah, I think I'll just stick to saying that they have their problems...problems that most people do not have...and problems that the elderly tend to have. I'm not sure what it is...it might be Alzheimer's...I'm not quite sure...and I don't really want to ask either. Anyway, yeah, they come every Friday to get their dinner which is really cute. One of them, who is black, is always trying to make conversation and he's always like "Bye Chinese!" LOL bless him!! I didn't even know that he was...you know. He looks/sounds soooo normal. My mum and I were like huh...he's wellllll "normal!" :S Whereas, for the other man, it's a lot more obvious. I found out today that he's only 65! :O I feel really sorry for them. Why is this world so unfair for?! Why put all the nice people through this pain?! And why let all the bad people get away?! I don't get it! I really donnnnnn'ttttt. :( As they left the shop, the worker told the man to close the door behind him slowly but he kind of hurt himself as his fingers nearly got trapped in the door. He screamed and according to my mum he started crying. :( My heart broke. It was just so sad to watch.
The fact that we're all going to age kind of scares me.
What if I'm like that when I'm 65?
What if I don't have anyone around me to look after me?
What if...?
*Sighs* :(
I guess you can't really prevent these things.
The story of our lives were written before we were brought to this world. Well that's what I sometimes think.

Anyway, let's end this blog post on a happy note.
I went out with my friends on Tuesday and Wednesday! :) I had a great laugh! It was just too funny! Especially how Princess was sooooo scared to drive around her OWN HOMETOWN! LOL. More on that later. ;)

OMGGGG. Anyone else watching "Love You" too?!
It's getting sooooo good! Can't wait for Sunday's episode! It's going to be reallyyy good!
Love Xiao Ru and Jie Shou! They make the cutest couple everrrr!
And ohhhh myyy...how hot is Joseph Chang?! VERYYY. :P He's yummmyy. :P However, my mum doesn't think the same. She thinks that he looks like my friend's dad! What the...?! LOL. I don't think so mummy.

Ohhh gosh, it's half 1. I think I'll watch a bit of "Wax and Wane" then go to bed. I need my "beauty" sleep. Haha. Night all!!


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