26 September 2010

Hong Kong 2010! ♥ Part2.

Sooo yeahhh...where were we upto...
Oh, yeah, we decided to crash down on these benches and chill for the whole afternoon...but we spent forever trying to find everyone...well what do you expect? We did have like 27 people going so it wasn't going to be easy getting everyone to meet at the same time/place, especially when you're in Disneyland...And trust me, Hong Kong Disneyland is massiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We didn't even get to walk around the whole thing...that's how big it is. ><

What else did we do there? Ermmmm...well we decided to go to Ocean Park which had a lot more rides compared to Disneyland, which was good...but it decided to chuck it down so we all had to run into the shop to get some raincoats...and then they decided that we couldn't go on the rides because of the rain which totally sucked but there wasn't much that we could have done about it...so yeah we just had to make the most of it init. ^^ However we still got to go on some rides and we were even mad enough to go on the same ride 3 times. Haha. That was only because more and more people joined us. ^^ Although it was chucking it down we still managed to do other activities...we got to look at the pandas and they were adorableeeeee. I wanted to take one home...but they were too big to fit into my suitcase. Mwahahaha. We also got to sit in the rain which was lovely, haha, and watch the dolphins...and it was amazingggg what they could do. :)

And ohhh myyy godddd, how drunk were we on the last night?
I was sat with the uncles at the restaurant drinking away and woahhh walking in a straight line proved to be a challenge. Haha. That must have been the drunkest moment ever. However, I still managed to walk back to the motel and have a shower etc. :P So yeah, couldn't have been THAT drunk. Mwahahaha. :P

Overall Hong Kong was greatttt! [= Hehe. I got to meet new people which was really good...so yeah, I gained a lot from this short holiday...but I did leave Hong Kong with a few regrets...I regret not making the most of the time that I had left...I regret not making the first move...I regret...a lot of things...but I shall keep them a secret for now...Hehe.

Let's shout "I ♥ HK!" :D


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