09 October 2011


Biggg delay in this post but never mind, it's better than never, right? :)

Well on the 28th August it was MYYYY birthday! :D Ich turned 19...finally! Yes, I'm the youngest out of my year. :/

It was really hectic in the morning! I barely got any sleep! And I had to get up early to go shopping! I had to go out and get some last minute stuff for my birthday outfit! :P Which meant that I didn't have enough time to do my hair. :( Oh well, who cares.

I didn't do much for my birthday really...just had dinner with family and friends...then went clubbing. I still can't believe the parents actually let me! I thought they would have been like NOOO WAYYYY but they were actually alright about it! :P

I had a great time catching up with people but omg I was soooooo annoyed when I went to K2. I had to wait in the rainnnnnn, in my NEW HEELS, that got destroyed, for like an hour and a half! Seriously, what the...?! I didn't really enjoy myself that night...in a way, I kind of regret going to that event! It wasn't worth the money at allllllll.

It was funny seeing Shirley drunkkk though! I had to carry her around the wholeeee club...to and from the toilet every half an hour. Usually, it would be the birthday girl that is wasted but oh no, I was completely soberrrrr!! :)

Anyway...TO the pictures...


At K2!

Thanks for all the cards/presents/red packets! <3

From Ting Ting. :)
Whoever ordered this cake obviously can't remember my name!

Parents' friends and I.

Thanks for all the Facebook comments & messages/texts/tweets/weibo comments!


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