17 December 2011

Film Review: Twilight "Breaking Dawn."

Taylor Lautner is sooooooo HOT! And he's 20! PERFECT! ;P Haha. *Dreams*

 Edward Cullen...I wouldn't say no. 

Loved the setting!! <33333

I loved the previous Twilight films and I definitely loved this one too! It's a must watch! Especially for the eye candy in it! I remember Jake running out of the house at the very beginning topless when he found out that Bella was getting married to Edward and these girls in the cinema started screaming their heads off! Haha, you can't blame them! I was pretty close to screaming too! LOL. The storyline and everything was good too but out of all the Twilight films I still like the first one the most. I'm not sure why but the first sequel is always best...
ANYWAYS, watch this! :D
I so want to get it on DVD! Imagine watching Jacob topless on HD telly...WOAH. HAHA. 
Oh and apparently this Twilight film was really gruesome...:/ I didn't think it was toooooo bad though. It was bearable. :) It made me cry more than anything else. I can't believe I cried over a Twilight film. :P The bit when Jacob was crying after Bella was announced "dead" made me cry my eyes out. I'm not sure why but everytime the male lead cries I cry too. Haha, I can't bear watching guys cry! I also remember crying at the bit when they leave to go on a honeymoon and Bella says goodbye to her loved ones, including her dad which really got to me. Haha. It was sooooo touching! :')
Definitely a film I would like to watch again.


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