10 December 2011


Can't believe how fast this year has gone! It's nearly Christmas! OHMYGOSHHHH. Seriously, where has time gone to?! I was looking forward to Christmas until finding out that I'll be spending half of my hols doing assignments. WELL excited...NOT! =="

So what has everyone got planned for Christmas?
Have you all started your Christmas shopping?
I kind of started buying Christmas presents yesterday and oh my god, how expensive can Christmas get? Don't you just wish you was some billionaire's kid?! Unlimted MONEY...*Dreams* ;) Jokes, I love my parents way too much to think that. :P HAHA.

Are you looking forward to the new year? I am in a way...as a new year means a new start. ;) Hopefully I'll make some new year resolutions this time round and actually stick to them! One of them definitely has to be uni related. It's unbelievable how "laidback" I've been with education these days. PURE LAZINESS. *Sighs*
I do miss being a geek... :( Actually, I miss the old me.


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  1. I miss the old me too :( and Christmas IS expensive, por chan lahhhhh! and I want to have some new year resolution and stick to it too :)

    Ting Ting