14 November 2011

Jeff's in Manchesterrrrrr!

Gosh it is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzing! I think I might actually die in the cold...Anyway, let's get back on track...I went to JEFF CHANG'S concert the Thursday before last! :) To be honest, I didn't really know who he was until then...I've heard of him and all that but I've never actually googled him or anything. Probably because he isn't really from my generation and when he first started his singing career I was still in my mummy's tummy. Haha. However, I must admit that he is a really good singer! I love his ballads! The man can definitely sing live! He has the powerrrrr! The concert was good but I do regret not buying one of them massive sticks to wave in the air! Haha! Oh well, there's always next time right? ;)

NOW...time for some pictures!

Had to wait for like more than half an hour for the concert to start! Oh well. :/

I actually took some videos too but unfortunately I can't seem to find them on my camera. :/ These pictures will have to do for now! ;)
Oh, and may I say that I loved Jeff's version of the "Winter Sonata" soundtrack! :D Might actually download that song! (8)

That's it for now peeps! Need to do some "homework!" AU REVOIR.


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