18 June 2014

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I've used this for quite some time now! I don't usually wear eyeshadow but I still think that it's best to put some eyeshadow primer on before I apply mascara and eyeliner as I have very oily eyelids so my make up is always sliding of my face. This helps keep my eye make up in place which is great. Obviously as the day goes on, your mascara/eyeliner will smudge regardless of what you use so don't think that you're eye make up will look exactly the same as it did in the morning when you arrive home after a long day out. When you apply this, it does look kind of weird on your eyelid alone but it will slowly sink in. I love how it has a little brush and I think the packaging is adorable! I have the tube version of this which I bought first but I find the two slightly different even though it's supposed to be the exact same product which I find a little weird. I'm not sure if it's just me being strange but I actually prefer this version of the eyeshadow primer potion (which I got in a set with the eyeshadow palette).
If you haven't tried this yet, quick, head to your nearest Urban Decay counter! This stuff works!


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