08 June 2011


I HATE being FAT. I just hate it hate it hate it. People are constantly making comments about my weight and it reallyyyyyy annoys me. Yeah, I know I'm fat...there's no need to mention it...just because you're stick thin doesn't the rest of the world has to be too.

Obviously we call our mates names such as "Fatty" but we never mean it. There's a difference between taking the mick...and actually criticising someone for their weight.

I remember my auntie's husband calling me "dai jeck" which basically means that you're really big/fat in Chinese, in a restaurant! The whole family was there! How am I supposed to react to such comments? Laugh it off? :/ Haha I acted like a right baby and started getting teary. I don't actually know why I started crying. I had this "smile" stuck on my face and tried incredibly hard to laugh it off but then my eyes started watering and before I knew a tear fell down my face. I scared myself yet everyone else. I must have just been really tired from the jet lag/feeling really emotional. The fact that my aunties were calling my fat days before probably didn't help the situation either. It was funny how my uncle kept on trying to apologise but the damage was already done. I'll never ever forget those comments! NEVER. It's not that I'm not forgiving or anything but people should know that calling a girl fat is almost like calling her UGLY...Tell me, who wants to be called ugly? NO ONE.

I'm constantly told that I need to lose weight and all that. Errrrr easier said than done MATEEEEE. Last year, I went on holiday again, to visit the family and I decided to visit three of my aunties, on the same day, one after another. Guess what was the first thing that they all said to me...Well, it didn't take a genius to work that out did it...
"You've put on weight since last year."
"You've got...bigger."
Yeah thanks, really appreciate those comments.
Girls care A LOT about their appearance and after hearing such comments, I felt as if someone just stabbed me in the heart! I decided that I was going to go jogging as soon as I heard their comments. Those in Malaysia are so lucky! They don't even need to work as hard as we do to lose weight. You just sit there and you'll end up sweating like a pig. We have to proper workkkkk to sweat in the UK. That's probably why the Brits are bigger in size compared to the Malaysians. Haha.

Anyway, I definitely need to start watching what I eat and maybe I should do some kind of exercise...:/
I do not want to be called fat for the rest of my life.
Well in my dictionary it does.

I want to be SKINNNNNNYYY so that I can wear nice clothessssssss! :( *Sighs*

(All from ASOS!)

I better stop complaining and do something about my weight!! :( :( :(


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