14 June 2011

I want to shop. And shop. And shop.

Oooooohhh just to let you all know, Selfridges are having a massive sale at the momenttttt...so yeah check it out peeps! :)
There's actually some pretty decent stuff on sale but you have to really look...:/

I saw this really nice PINKKKK Marc by Marc Jacobs Ipad case! Unfortunately, unlike some rich kids, I do not own one. :( Yes it's so UNFAIRRRRRRRRRR. I want one soooooooo bad but I'm just not rich enough to buy myself one. Poor Mei Mei. Haha.
Apparently, the ipad isn't all that and according to Dada, "it's for stupid people." :/ Nevertheless, I still want oneeeeeeeeeee. Someone get me an Ipad for my birthdayyyyy pleaseeeeee. Them gadgets look so cool! And handy! Especially for travelling! :P However, it definitely comes at a cost! Been to a few shops to look at the prices and all that but it's just too much...and my daddy doesn't love me enough to buy me one. *Cries*

Ohhh and I saw this really nice Chloe bag in Selfridges too! It comes in both black and grey! But omg even though it was on sale, it was like £800-900 odd. WHAT THE...?! Yes it was nice but I don't think I'd ever spend that much on a Chloe bag. :S
I also saw some Mulberry and Miu Miu purses. The black Miu Miu ones were simple but niceeeeeee. And guess how much they were! £100 odd! BARGAIN or what?! Nope, I didn't get one but I was soooooooooo tempted. I LOVE BARGAINSSSSSSSSSS. Especially when handbags and purses are involved. ;P Yes, I have a weakness for handbags and purses. Sorry, I'm a girl, just can't help myself...;)
Did any of you lot go to the sales? :)

OMGGGGG the weather in England is constantly changing. One minute it's raining, one minute it's boiling. JUST TYPICAL BRITISH WEATHER. :(
I need it to be cold so that I don't die from Hayfever. I want it to be coldddddddddddddddd. VERY COLDDDDDDDD. Or maybe someone can just take me on holiday to make things easier? ;)

Ohhhh and it's Xiao S's birthday today!

I loveeeeeeeee this woman! She's amazing! I love her sense of style! I love her new hair cut! And of course, her PERSONALITY! I like how she's sooooooooooo daring when it comes to speaking her mind on telly but then there's a different side to her that the tv audience can relate to...the more down to earth Xiao S. She definitely deserves all the success that she has gained over the years!

"Follow your heart..."


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