02 June 2011

Yes I am a BBC (British Born Chinese)...SO WHAT?!

Right, I'm going to do some blogging whilst listening to this...;)

LeeHom all the way! Woop woop! <3333333

Since joining Weibo I've noticed how some of the people on there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rude/aggressive! Seriously they need to just chill! Don't get me wrong, I'm not sayiing that everyone on there is mean, there are nice people on there too. :)
I just updated my weibo like 10 minutes ago and I thought I'd do so in CHINESE...yes in Chinese...and I don't know, maybe the way I worded my sentence made it sound stupid/blunt but I knew what I meant and that's all that matters. :P This guy was like "Duhhhh you're talking crap" and I was like "Woahhhh just chill mate! No need to get so feisty!" What do you expect? I was born and brought up in an European country. You can't expect a BBC to be to write poems in Chinese!! That's like impossible! Oh well, I blocked him anyway soooo nerrrrrr.
A few weeks back some girl on Weibo started saying stuff to me too...I commented on LeeHom's picture and he mentioned some place in China that I had NEVER heard of and she was like are you Chinese and all that...and if you are, how can you not have heard of the place blah blah blah...HELLOOOOO, not every single Chinese person was born/lives in Mainland China! Stupid or what?! Does she know how many Chinese people there are on this planet?! Does she know how many Chinese people live outside of China?! GODDDDD, narrow minded or what. She probably thought I was dumb and all that but I'm pretty sure she's the dumb in this case!
There was this other guy as well and he was asking me where I was from and I was thinking to myself...why are you asking me when it TELLS YOU on my profile...><" But being the nice person that I am...HAHA...I answered his question out of politeness and told him I was from the UK...He had such a big reaction and thought I was lying! He was like "mo ack san ack guai!" Ngoh sin mo lei gom dack han ack lei! IDIOT. Want me to get my passport out fooooooool?! MO LIU. Seriously though, why are people so narrow minded for?

I've also noticed how people abroad only talk to you because you're a BBC...it's like helllooo there's more to someone than their nationality!
I'm not sure what it is but maybe they find it fascinating or whatever...
I guess we'd be fascinated too if we made friends with a French person in England but still...there's just no need to act like we're some kind of alien...
You're Chinese...I'm Chinese...there's not really much of a difference is there really?
Well apart from the fact that we were born/brought up in different countries...and own different accents...At the end of the day, we're of the same race and we're human beings just like everyone else!!

It isn't often that we bump into BBCs that can speak PERFECTTT Chinese...it really isn't. I'm sure there'll be times when BBCs have problems with trying to find the Chinese word for something and so we might say the odd thing in English...and NOOOO it isn't showing off! People get it sooooo wrong! It's just that our Chinese isn't fluent enough to say EVERYTHING in Chinese! Trust me...if we could, we would.
Also, sometimes it's just a matter of habits...For example, I might say OHHH MYYYY GODDDD whereas a Chinese kid who was brought up in a different country might say 我的天啊...Seriously, that isn't showing off...It's just that we've got used to saying such phrases!
Just because we're speaking in English doesn't mean that we are showing off.
It's just...HABITS.

According to a friend of mine, Chinese people from places such as Hong Kong look down on BBCs...WHY THOUGH? WHYYYYY? I seriously don't get it. Do you?
We're all equal.
Apparently, they look down on us because our Chinese ain't good and all that...><" What the...?! WHO CARES? I don't.

My mate was telling me how her cousins have friends who go to international schools in Hong Kong and are educated in English and they think that it's necessary to show off their English. LOL what the...?! That's just MO LIU. So whenever my friend goes back to Hong Kong, her cousins are always telling her to speak in English when her cousin's mates are there. HAHA. That kind of happened to me a few times too. My cousin was telling me how her mate said his English was amazing so she told me to speak to him deadddd fast in English. HAHA. ><" It's not like my English is much better than his. People tend to think that because you were brought up in the UK you'd know every single word in the Oxford dictionary but I'm sorry to disappoint but we really don't. It's just like you can't expect every single Chinese person in this world to speak perfect Chinese, right? :)

In countries such as Taiwan, they teach their kids to pronouce words in Chinese using that "ing ang on an" thing. We don't over here, hence why sometimes our pronounciations aren't always correct. Oh well, as long as the person you're speaking to understands what you're saying that's all that matters. Hehe!

I've also noticed how everyone loves taking the mick out of my Chinese! Personally it doesn't bother me. :) But it's one of the main reasons why I don't tend to speak in full Chinese...unless I really have to. So when I'm trying to get a point across to someone, you'll never hear me speaking in Chinese because we would actually be here for a year!! Time is precious! We need to save it! ;P

I'm not sure whether any other BBCs have this problem but when you're in England, people think that you're too Chinkified...when you're in Asia, people think that you're too Westernised...You can't please everyone. ><" Sometimes I think to myself...does it really matter that much? *Sighs* *Shakes head* Anyway, enough on this topic. :P I just wanted to get my point across initttt. Everyone has different accents. It doesn't matter if it's Chinese, French, English, Italian, Asian or what not...At the end of the day, we're all human beings and there's no need to be offensive or anything towards someone's nationality. :) Being a BBC doesn't make you better than anyone else. Being an ABC doesn't make you better than anyone else. Being a HKBC doesn't make you better than anyone else. REMEMBER THAT.

There's something that I want to say...




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