12 June 2011

I'm literally dying here.

OHHHH MYYYY if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I am currently dying from hayfever. Like literally. :( I feel like DEATH. None of the medication that I've been taking is working! Grrr! And I've tried everything. The nasal spray...the eyedrops...the tablets...drinking honey water...EVERYTHING...but nothing's working. I should be used to it by now seeing as I've had hayfever since like forever but still it's just sooooooooooo annoying and at the moment, I look as if I haven't slept for 10 days...no, actually, I look as if I've just had a massive cry. People are always like "Why are you crying" and I'm thinking "Errrr do you really think that I'd be crying in a public place? NOOOOO."My eyes are soooooooooooo itchy!! They're killing me. I haven't stopped rubbing them for the past few hours and it looks like I won't be stopping for the next few hours either. They're soooooooo red and sore. It really isn't good. This means that I will not be wearing make up for some time as it'll just make everything worse. ARRRGGHHH. What the...?! :@ Maybe I should get some kind of ice pack or something to cool them down. :( If anyone has any tips on avoiding hayfever, please tell me. :P And don't say something obvious like "go on holiday" because even someone as dumb as me knows that! :P *Blows nose* *Rubs eyes* :( *Sighs*

Spent the wholeeeeeeee weekend at work. I am sooooooooooooooooo tiredddddd!! Physically...and mentally...haven't slept well for the past week or so and I don't actually know why. :/ I just hope that my sleeping pattern will sort itself out so that I can get a good night's rest. I really do need it...especially when I'm dying from hayfever. I swear hayfever realllyyyyy tires you out. Thank god I'm done with uni though. There's nothing worse than having to study/revise when you're constantly blowing your nose and crying. Trust me, I know. I really do!

It's Sunday now, hopefully I'll be doing something more exciting in the morning/afternoon. *Fingers crossed* Well...that's if I get up early. Something tells me that I'll be getting up late again...:P Well what can you expect? It's Sunday now...kind of. :)

Excuse the dark circles! :( I'm actually trying to get rid off them now! :P

May I just say that Seiko made a very wise decision! :P HAHAA. And no I'm not being bias! ;)



  1. Awww poor Mei! Mine hasn't been too bad, bit of an itchy nose, but nothing otherwise... my mum always just tells me to wash my hair everyday and wash my face everyday - which I pretty much do anyway but just so it keeps pollen out of ur hair n stuff x

  2. Runny nose that produces bogeys every 5 minutes,
    itchy eyes that often reduce my visibility,
    Sneezing every 30 seconds,
    dark circles and ageing like middle-aged..
    what more do I have to my poor hygiene.

    Ya know what Mei, you're not alone.