18 June 2011

Let's all be happy!

I am currently lying in my bed, in the dark, with my dearest laptop. I am absolutely shattered! It's been such a long day! And my dark circles just can't get any darker!! However, I just had the urge to come on here! Hehe! Seeing as I don't really have anything that I want to talk about in particular, I think I'll just do some ranting. :) I could have done another review which would have probably been more useful but I've pulled out all them USB cables so that I could move this thing to my room and therefore, I no longer have the pictures on my laptop. Never mind, I'll do one tomorrow...or maybe the day after...or the day after that...:P

So what have I been doing lately? WATCHING DRAMAS. I've been watching like a million things! TVB dramas...Taiwanese dramas...Korean dramas...just a bit of everything really.
I'm watching City Hunter...Wax and Wane...Ghetto Justice...Romance Town...Love Keeps Going...Love You...Be Home For Dinner...Just a bit of everything. I've been spending that much time watching dramas that I've been completely missing out on the good old British television. :( I need to do some serious catching up! Need to get watching Peter Andre: The Next Chapter...Gossip Girl...Eastenders...CSI...the list goes on. ;)
I just loveeee my tv! aAnd my laptop! I like the fact that I can just be a couch potato and watch anything for the wholeeeeeee day and not get bored.
Yes, my life is boring.
And your problem is...? =P

As I've been at work all day, I've had a few problems here and there. Wwhyyyyy are customers soooooooo impatient for? Helllooooooo! It takes TIME to prepare your food. Yes, TIME. I'm pretty sure you lot have heard of the word TIME. ==" I seriously don't get why people are so impatient for. Just because you're hungry and the fact that you are has put you in a bad mood does not give you a reason to give us dirty looks whatsoever. No, it does not. Please wait like every other customer. I'd still make you wait even if you were the queen. *Shakes head* I just don't get people these days. I'm sorry but I'm pretty certain that you do not want your food raw so just stop asking, and your food will come out as soon as it's ready. *Big sigh*

Omgggg I've heard that we might be having another BBQ. What the...?! I've had wayyy too many lately! The number of spots/pimples that I own are telling me that I should stay away from all that heaty stuff. *Sighs* Someone please recommend some decent skincare products! Or food or whatever! Just something that can prevent my skin from breaking out! :( Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pretty please.

Anyone else watching "Love You?" :D
I can't wait for these two to get together!! They make a perfect couple! <333333 Annnnddd may I say how HOTTTTT Joseph Chang issssss!!! :D :P :) *Sighs* I am soooooo tired, and my laptop is kind of dying so I shall leave it here for now. TTYL. :D

Everyone needs a friend. A friend that they can tell anything to.


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