23 June 2011

We have our good days. We have our bad days.

*Sighs* I'm feeling pretty low today...the fact that my mum woke me up doesn't make things any better either. Oh well. That's life.
You have your ups...
and you have your downs.
It's just a matter of when.
I'm just going to keep myself occupied to take things off my mind. :')

As some of you know, I'm kind of addicted to Weibo at the moment! It's such a cool website! At first, I only joined it so that I could follow my favourite celebs! :P After getting the hang of things, I'm loving it! There's so much to look at! It's just a shame that my Chinese isn't fluent enough to understand every single thing that's being said on there. Oh well. I'll just look at the pictures init. :P

OMG a few weeks ago, I saw a picture on Weibo of this guy getting off with another guy. Personally, I don't have anything against gay couples but this wasn't your average gay couple...One guy was probably in his 20s and the other looked like he was in his 70s! Bizzare or what? We live in one weirddd world. Seriously, anything is possible in this world of ours.

Oh, it was Lee Min Ho's birthday yesterday so I would like to say HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYY to one of the hottest Korean guys everrrrr!! *DROOLS*
Some of you might not know who he is/what he looks like so yeah, I'll share the eye candy with you guys...because I'm nice like that! :P

ROARRRRR! I bet you girls are loving this! :P HAHA.

Tooooooo cuteeeee!!! <3333333

Omg this was the bit where he nearly kissed Kim Na Na (Park Min Young)!
You lot definitely need to watch City Hunter! It's sooooo good! Can't wait for tonight's episode! I hate how they don't do previews at the end of the episode anymore. It sucks. :( Never mind.

ARRRRGGGHHH what am I going to do all summer? Someone give me ideasssssss. I want to lose loads of weight this summer but at the rate I'm eating, it is NEVER going to happen. NEVER. EVER. EVER. :(
Help anyone??
I want to loseeee...20 kg! Is that even possible? *Thinks*
I have thought about joining the gym but I have no one to go with...I do not drive...and I do not want to be too muscular...Help help help. :(

This song was released in yesterday's episode of City Hunter (Episode 9)! :) Loveeeee it! Even though it is slightly depressing. :P
What do you think?

Hayfever's killllingggg me!! :(
And omgggg my eyes are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo itchy! They just won't stop watering! I actually have wrinkles under my eyes because I've been rubbing my eyes that much! GRRRRRRRR. To those who do not suffer from hayfever, YOU SERIOUSLY DON'T KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU AREEEEEE!!


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  1. hahaha, he's so hot!!
    I haven't even started this drama yet =/ last exam is tomorrow =="
    And i've watched like most of the spoilers as well ><"

    and you should come gym with me and Vivian :)
    http://www.puregym.com/gyms/manchester-urban-exchange ^^~