19 January 2011


I cried today...for various reasons.
I cried whilst watching a drama. ><" I cried whilst listening to this song that I found on Facebook...apparently, a girl wrote it before she died and it was dedicated to her boyfriend. :( I cried when I thought about you. It's been an emotional day.
I tell myself that I must stay strong but sometimes I just can't do it.
I'm a human being too. I have feelings. I get hurt, just like everyone else out there...and it certainly doesn't help when you're a really emotional person. I never knew that I was this emotional until the past few years...when my life gradually changed...Nothing was right. Everything was wrong. It's crazy how your life can be ruined within seconds. Love...family life...health...wealth...education...everything went completely out of control. I sometimes look back to last year and I think to myself..."How the heck did you get through that?!" I was literally at breaking point. Sometimes I felt as if I was pushed way too far and that I just wanted to leave everything and go to a completely different world. It was too much. It really was. But that's life...avoiding your problems aren't going to make them go away...sometimes you've got to think to yourself, do you know what...someone up there obviously wants to challenge me and do you know what, just bring it on!
I have people around me who are always happy...and I wonder, how the heck do you do it? But then...you never know what happens behind closed doors...maybe it's just a mask? They're probably thinking the same...Everyone's usually like goddd Ga Mei you laugh at anything and everything, like a Sor Por! ==" You're always smiling blah blah blah...I guess it shows that I'm good at covering all the sadness up. :') However, I have them days when I'm feeling down and depressed but do you know what...I've kind of got used to the pain...that might sound sad but it's true. It's...simply...life. There are some things which you just have to get used to.


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