12 April 2012

Drink and dance.

I finally got to go out again after like a year! :D Omg it was one of the funniest nights ever! I definitely enjoyed watching everyone get a "bit" tipsy...and a certain friend being chatted up! Haha.
The club was unbelievably packed but we still managed to make the most of our time. However some pervert at the club pinched my thigh! :O If only he was closer then I could have given him a black eye! It's disgusting what alcohol can do to some people. Don't drink if you're going to turn into some kind of pedophile! Or maybe it's already in the blood! :@
Apart from that disgusting incident, it was a good night and we all enjoyed ourselves!


Taking pictures in the toilets is a must!

Apple needs to add a flash to the front camera!

The couple and I. 

Tingles, Princess et moi.

I shall look forward to another night out with these lot after my exams...which I haven't started revising for...:/


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