28 March 2012

Has summer arrived?

Been out three days in a row now. I think it's time I settle down and start doing some work for a change...Haha AS IF that's going to happen.
I'm currently bored out of my mind and I can't be bothered doing anything. :(
But yeah, I got to see my dear Boing Boings yesterday! It's been like 4 months since we last got together so it was lovely being reunited again. Just the three of us, like old times! :D I might post a few pictures up later on if I can be bothered. But then I might not as I look ugly in every single picture that was taken...but I guess I could always photoshop them. :) Oh gosh, what would we do without photoshop?

OH MY, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL in the UK, for a changeeeeeeeeeeee. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. The sun has finally decided to come out and stay for a change. Let's hope it lasts! However, I'm not looking forward to dying from hayfever.
I really should start buying meds and all that crap to be prepared.
Why isn't there a cure for hayfever? Tell me why someone...whyyyy...
We have cures for biggg diseases but not for hayfever/migraines etc...:S :S :S Hmmm...


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