31 August 2011

Motivate me.

I hate how my emotions are constantly changing. It's rather tiring. And it's stopping me from sleeping. Why is it so hard to be happy? Whyyy?
I'm often known as the "owl" amongst my friends as the people around me tend to think that I never sleep...I do sleep...it's just that I sleep at the wrong times. And there is a reason why I stay up so late. I prefer to wait until I'm absolutely knackered and then go to sleep. I don't like laying in bed at night with a million things on my mind. I'd rather collapse on my bed. Does anyone else feel the same way?
I feel sooooooo useless at the moment...I've had the longest summer holiday ever and what have I done? NOTHING. Nothing productive. There's so much that needs doing but nothing's happening. I just wish I had the motivation to get up off my big fat bum and do something useful for once. I feel like a right loser.


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