15 August 2011


I should actually be packing but I really can't be bothered...so instead I've decided that I'll do some blogging first, and then go back to the stressful work of having to pack my suitcase and basically move my entire room to Sarah's place. Help anyone? ;)

Soo sooo soooo what's been happening in my life? Nothing much...got back from France just over a week ago...Yeah, I had a good time as you can tell from the pictures that I've been posting on several social networking sites. Yeah, I'm sad, I know. :P Can't help it. That's just who I am. :D
I promise I'll do a blog post on that some time...when I actually have the energy to do so. For some strange reason, I've been sleeping loadsss but I still get really tired. :/ I swear it's because I didn't sleep much during my hol! Is it just me or does anyone else have difficulty trying to sleep on hotel beds? :/ Everytime I lie on a hotel bed I feel like shouting "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." They just feel really dirty...:/ Yeah, I know the covers and everything have been washed but still...how do you know whether they've washed them properly? :P

I was meant to be going to Blackpool last Wednesday but thanks to the idiots who thought it would be funny to go around setting cars on fire, I couldn't...thank god we were allowed to change the dates otherwise that would have been £22 down the drain! Soooo yeah, can't wait to go...even though I've already been this year, but that was with family so it's different. ;) Hopefully, it'll be good! And I shall bombard you all with a million pictures.

Apart from all that jizz, my life has just been...normal. I've been eating, working and sleeping...like a pig. Nothing special. :/ I went out with the parents yesterday as Sunday = family day, and basically just chilled. We went to "Chino" Town for dinner and omg we were there for that long that we had our dinner...AND our supper. Yes, it's mad. :D But hellloooo I got to eat congee with them breadstick things AND banana fritters with ice-cream! JUST YUMMMMMMM. :D :D :D But very fattening indeed. I was meant to be going on a diet but yeah, you know what us girls are like when it comes to "dieting"...IT NEVER HAPPENS. Hopefully, one day I'll be determined enough to do so! Target: 50kg! THAT.TARGET.SHALL.NEVER.BE.ACHIEVED.

Right, enough chit chat...Need to pack. Au revoir for now! *WAVES*


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