09 August 2011


Sooooo much has been happening in England!! TOO MANY RIOTS...thanks to all them uneducated people who can't be bothered looking for a job! It's just madness!
For the past three days, all these scumbags have just been rioting around London/Leeds/Liverpool blah blah blah but TODAY, they decided to target Salford, and then of course, Manchester! Well what can I say...it was just a matter of TIME. :/ It really is STUPID how they're all destroying their own COMMUNITY/COUNTRY! Are they off their heads or what?!
It's the government that they're annoyed with! Why kill innocent people?! :@ They've done nothing to you! Don't forget, if it wasn't for these taxpayers, you lot would be living on the streets at this very moment in time! Just bear that in mind before you smash another car window! ==

Now that takes skill!

Hungry anyone?


Whyyyy? Just....whyyyyyy?!

Wrong place mate. :P

:O :O :O

Check their Adidas uniform out!

Free shoes everyone!!

Thanks to all these "rioters" my plan to go to Blackpool tomorrow has been cancelled! GRRRR!! Soooo annoyed! They've ruined my week!
I hope the police actually do something about this! I would like to be able to walk around my town knowing that I won't get knocked down by one of these rioters.
We shall see...

We shall see.


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