08 August 2011

Film Review: Bad Teacher.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I actually watched this film in a FRENCH cinema! :P We were walking around Champs-Elysees and it wasn't time for dinner just yet so we all thought "Why not watch a film?" So there was us trotting along to the very posh cinema in one of the world's posh-est cities...Originally, we paid to watch a film called Case Depart...but us being stupid meant that we didn't ask the staff there whether it was an English/French film. :P It was pretty obvious that we weren't from the area when we showed him our student cards. == He must have thought that we wanted to learn French by watching a French film or something. It was kind of embarrassing as we had to walk out of the screening like 15 minutes into the film...and we were kind of like sat in the middle of the room...LOL. Embarrassing or what? What was more embarrassing was that we had to go back to the counter and ask whether we could watch an ENGLISH film. Haha! We should have guessed from the name of the film "Case Depart" that it wasn't English. If it was an English film, they would have called it like "Case Departure" or something similar. LOL well what do you expect? We were on holiday! And we had been walking around all day... :P EXCUSES EH. Haha!

Anyway, back to reviewing the film...

I thought it was actually pretty good. :) To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from it...but to my surprise, it was quite funny. However, I did find Justin Timberlake's character a little...errr weird...Ohhhh and there's quite a few intimate scenes so it definitely isn't one for you kiddos! :P Haha!

I do remember my mate telling me that her mates told her that it was pretty rubbish but we all thought it was pretty good...Hmmmm maybe her mates just have really high standards for films? :P


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