08 September 2011

Me or you? Him or her?

Why must we always compare ourselves to others? Why?

From a young age, we were always comparing our toys...lunchboxes...school bags...why? Does it really matter if she has the latest hello kitty school bag? Or if he has cheesestrings in his lunchbox?
If you're Chinese, I'm sure you'll know what it feels like to be compared against your parents' friends' kids. It happens all the time. It happens to every single one of us. Everyone usually thinks as long as you're you, that's all that matters and you shouldn't need to compare yourself against him/her...Well I'm telling you that's a load of crapppp. Haha.

I remember how my mum used to compare me against other kids and it used to REALLY bug me but I've kind of got used to it now. It was like "Why did she do so well and you didn't?" ALL THE TIME. Errr simply because I'm not as clever as her...or simply because I didn't really...errr...revise? :P HAHA. I was also told 24/7 as a kid that such a body was always better than me and that I was a lot naughtier than that such a body. Errrr mummmm, everyone shows their rebellious side at some point in life...Agree peeps? ;) Haha.

As I got older and older...:/...I began to realise that the people around me are incredibly COMPETITIVE...whether it's friends...relatives...they're all the same. ==" Sometimes it's THAT bad that it leads to jealousy which I think is pretty sad. I understand how it can be a good thing to compare yourself against others in order to make yourself a better person but I swear some people just take it to another level and that's when things get a bit nasty...and everyone starts talking about each other...i.e. A LOT OF GOSSIP and RUMOURS.
Yeah, she has a Louis Vuitton bag but that doesn't mean that you have to have one too...
Yeah, your daughter has done exceptionally well in her exams but that does not give you the right to look down on others and show off...
Seriously people, when are you all going to stop making life difficult for each other?

At the end of the day, we're all human beings so I totally get how things can get a bit feisty between us all after a bit but there really is no need to take it to the next level. It's good to compare at times as it can sometimes give us a sense of direction (in life) and makes us stop for a while to think about what we should do in order to make ourselves a better person, and vice versa. Therefore, I think it's good when people have found themselves a role model or two. :) Also, competing against each other is a source of motivation for all of us to do much better in life and to fight for what it is that we want from this world. However this kind of competition shouldn't cause mini "wars" between family and friends. It's simply unnecessary. Do you not think? I'm not saying that I don't compare myself to others. If I was to say that, I would be completely lying. I used to always think that I HAVE to be better than such a body otherwise I'm a failure in life but that isn't totally true. Just because I might not be for example a faster swimmer than him/her doesn't mean that he/she is better at such a thing. Just remember, no one's perfect. Everyone has their strong points...and their weak points...That's what makes every single one of us special in our own way!

It's good to be competitive...it keeps you "fighting"...but remember, you won't always win. We sometimes have to...lose in life.
C'est la vieeeee!!


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