29 September 2011

Housewife material? NO.

Well well well...Sarah, Sally and I decided to do some "cooking" for a change! Everything actually went pretty "well" which I found rather shocking. We definitely all deserve a pat on the back!

So what was on the menu...

Sarah: Udon with all sorts of "balls" and veg...oh, and dumplings.

Sally: Mixed veg soup and some strawberry/raspberry dessert! Oh, and she made this iced-tea drink. Can't remember what was in it. I only remember it smelling really flowery!!

Me: Chicken Kiev...Garlic Bread...And mash. :) Initially, I was going to make roast potatoes but there just wasn't enough time!
Our dinner took us 4 hoursssssss to prepare, even though Sarah's mum helped us out! O.O
We are definitely not housewife material.
Haha jokes. It was because we were at Sarah's new house and her kitchen's still emptier than ever! That woman definitely needs more kitchen utensils!

Let's start!

Whattttt? Sally?! Cooking?! Neverrrrrrrrrrrr.

Busy busy busy!

Stupid breadcrumbs wouldn't stick to the chicken fillet!

Thanks for helping Auntie!

Went treasure hunting and found this! :O :P

Sally's soup.

Sally's FROZENNNNN dessert! <3

One of the chefs. ;)

Sarah's udon.

Sarah's dumplings!

My garlic bread! :D


Don't dis! ;)

Last but not least...:D <3 <3 <3

Right, that's all for now.
Ciao peeps!


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