25 September 2011


I went clubbing with a few friends on Thursday night for some "GAME ON" event. :S And no, I didn't dress up. Kind of regret not doing so though seeing as so many people did! :P I could have gone in my united shirt and sweatpants! Jokes!

I told myself not to expect too much from this event seeing as the last one wasn't that amazing and that was meant to be a lot busier, which it was. There wasn't that many people at the "GAME ON" event. :S It was probably because there were a load of other freshers' events going on elsewhere.
Oh well, I still had a good time with my friends even though I was coughing/choking all night long. I definitely wouldn't have gone if I knew I was going to be that ill! Actually I still am! I don't have a clue how I'm going to get through uni! *Sighs* I guess I'll just have to drug myself 24/7. I swear all of the meds that I've been are non-drowsy but I seem to be tired ALL THE TIME. :/ I guess that's what being ill does to you?

Omg I saw this girl at the club and I thought...SLUT or what? Yeah, I know it isn't a nice thing to say but seriously she was like getting off with a different guy every now and then. She made me want to pukeeeee. That girl had no self-respect for herself whatsoever! Shame on her.
There are all kinds of people living on this planet! Just like that really rudeeeeee guy that I saw at the club! One of my friends, Dora, was taking a picture of my friends and I then this guy kind of pushed her as he was dancing so she pushed him back to his "place." (GOOD ON HER!) Believe it or not, that guy actually got his hand and PUSHED her back! I was like :O :O :O! What kind of guy does that?! He obviously doesn't know what the word "gentleman" means. It was sooooooooooo wrong! If I was a guy I would have liked to knock him out! It only took a millisecond to work out how well he was brought up! God knows how someone like him is able to pull a girl!
I just can't stand it when guys are rude! It disgusts me!

My face goes as red as a tomato when I drink! :( Apparently it's a good thing?

Dora (the explorer) and I. :D

A bit of camwhoring!

The girls! <3

I'm never ready for "group" pictures!

That's all for now! Need to watch "In Time With You!"

Have a good evening everyone!


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