07 September 2011


Well well well it was Princess Shirley's birthday on the 2nd so wish her happy birthday if you haven't done so yet! :P Haha!

We travelled all the way down to Cheshire just to see her beautiful face, the day before her special day. Thanks to her sister's boyfriend we didn't have to get up extra early to catch the train and it was just so much convenient. :) But I am sorry that I was slightly late. I had to get her birthday present that afternoon and I swear the sales assistant was taking his time! However he was really nice and helped me wrap the gift up blah blah blah. :) Good customer service Selfridges! ;)

We had a BBQ at Shirley's...played on the Wii (it was my first time playing on such a gadget and omg I was so crap ==")...played a bit of Mahjong (I well regret not playing with money as I won quite a few rounds! Haha!)...played basketball with the guys (OH MY...They are sooooooo aggressive when it comes to basketball that it's unbelievable! I got knocked out like twice! Haha. ><)...And last but not least, KARAOKEEEEE. :D :D :D I loveeeeeeeeeee karaoke! :) Even though I can't sing. :( Oh well, it's all about having a laugh right? Now...time for some pics...

Lovely weather! :)


I played on a Wii for the very first time!

Not looking very photogenic in this picture but oh well.



The girls!!



Someone's either really tired or really drunk. :P

Let's singggggggggg.

As red as a tomato.

Dora, Shirley and I.
It felt weird being together in Manchester and not Paris!

Birthday girl and myself.

Finally a picture of all four of us! :D <3

LOL at Will Ng!

Happy Birthday Princess!


I look grumpy! Haha!

A group picture to round things off. :)

All in all, it was a good day! Had a great laugh! Now, time to catch up on some TVB. Catch you later!



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