04 January 2012

You Are The Apple Of My Eye...那些年,我們一起追的女孩.

Just watched this so thought I'd do a quick blog post on it as it's still fresh in my mind! =))

LOVED this film! The whole thing was just...touching. :') I cried so much that my eyes are still sore! Haha!
I wanted to watch this a bit ago but living in England means that you can't watch Taiwanese films at the cinema and therefore you have to wait until somebody nice eventually decides to upload it.
This film is mainly about love...and growing up. I found it easy to relate to as it's a film that is mainly aimed at people around my age. There had been a lot of good comments about this film and I think it was the second best film in Taiwan in 2011...something like that...so course I had to watch it. Haha. The male lead also received an award for his role in this film, and this was his first time acting! :O He's only 20! Good on him! Loved the characters, loved the actors/actresses, loved the storyline...loved everything! :) However there was one thing that I didn't like...I didn't like how the girl had to marry someone else! My heart bled for the male lead! He liked her...she liked him...why didn't THEY get married? :( *Sobs* Oh well.

If you haven't seen it yet...HURRY!
It's definitely worth watching!


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