30 March 2011

The unluckiest girl in the world.

[Yeah I know it's ugly but I was revising at the time, so who cares? ;)]

Seriously, where is all this bad luck coming from?! I've had one of the worst weeks ever. Nothing seems to be going right nowadays. It's simply...bad luck.

I bought a drink from Wong Wong's the other day thinking that I'd be able to drink it on the way home. I tried to pierce a hole in the stupid cup and it just wouldn't go through. Tried again, nope, it wasn't going through. So I tried a little harder for the third time and guess what happened...the whole thing decided to explode!! :/ Seriously what the...?! I didn't even use that much pressure! WONG WONG'S, INVEST IN SOME DECENT CUPS. I bet they buy them cheap crappy ones from the cash and carry! I was sooooooo annoyed...and I felt really bad because it was all over my friend's jeans. :/ And it went all the way down my hoody sleeve. *Sighs* I had to fork out another £3 for a drink from Starbucks instead. ><" *Sighs again*

I went to work on Friday, to help my parents out...I was walking from the kitchen to the counter and what happens...I land straight on my knee cap! It did hurt but I didn't feel anything until days after when I saw a MASSIVE purple bruise on my leg! It was like the biggest bruise everrrrrr!! I was wondering why it hurts everytime I kneel down...><" I'm just...slow. However, I should be grateful that I wasn't holding anything at the time, and that I have pretty good self-control and didn't land on my face instead. I kind of banged my knee against the steamer thingy on the same day in the same place and omg it hurted even more! Oh well...that was just me...being clumsy again. I need to be more careful.

I've had two class tests this week and omg neither of them went well. :/ I'm kind of worried. I really don't want to spend the whole of my summer revising for resits. *touch wood* :/ I REALLY DON'T. Omg that quants test...Grrrrr...you didn't know how ANNOYED I was! It was a computer test...Yes, my uni has to be special and give us tests on computers just to make life harder for everyone. Seriously, what is wrong with doing a test on PAPER? It does just as much harm as it does when you're on a computer!! And at least invest in some decent computers if you're gonna make us do a computer test! My computer took the LONGEST to load and that idiotic maths teacher told everyone to start wayyyy before my computer loaded. There were a few people around my area who were having difficulties trying to load their computers too but did that stupid teacher care? NO. He was like yeah, you can all start. Ours were switched off so it took longer for them to work. The least they could do was switch the damn things on before we went in to do our test! I swear these teachers are either DUMB or don't care at all! All they care about is getting their salaries! Well that was the case for this teacher. The word annoyed doesn't even describe how annoyed I was at the time. I was huffing and puffing all the way through that test! :@ Everyone started the test at different times due to technical difficulties and we all finish at the same time?! What the...?! Is there any justice in this world? I heard some dude shouting "our computers haven't loaded yet so does that mean we will get extra time..." and he shouted back "DON'T TALK." He wasn't talking! He was asking you a question you stupid idiot! Not only were the computers not working, the test itself was SOLLLLLLIIIDDDDDDDDDDDD. I couldn't even do half of the paper so yeah, I can't really see myself passing it. :/ And I certainly didn't have any time to even attempt it as it took more than 10 minutes for my computer to load AND the test was only 50 minutes long...AND we had to sketch the stupid graphs out which took forever...Yeah, as if I'm gonna be able to finish the paper in like 30 minutes...><" I don't think so fooooooooooooooools! I was half way through the test and omg my computer wasn't letting me save any work so I started panicking! I felt like swearing even though I don't...So I had to open like a million other documents in order to carry on..."STOP" the idiot shouts...He told us to save/e-mail our test answers and all that...so I saved everything but then I couldn't save my first minitab worksheet thingy so I told another tutor and he said he would tell that idiot but he never did...That stupid teacher came up to me and was like pointing at my screen and telling me to switch everything off...I thought he was actually going to turn the computer off for me for a minute...even though there were a load of other people who had their computers on and were still trying to save/e-mail everything...So I told him that I couldn't save the minitab project, he tried to "help" but yeah, he didn't even know what he was doing! He was like "Erm I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do about it..." I swear he repeated that sentence over and over again...I was thinking to myself, saying sorry ain't gonna save my work for me, so what do I do now, just delete all the test answers? IDIOT. He kept on telling me that there was nothing that he could do about it...You're a maths teacher for god's sake! And it's part of your job to help students out when they need it!! He didn't even attempt to do anything! Thank god there was another teacher there who helped me save my work otherwise god knows what I would have done...I would have probably sat there and cried my eyes out. ><" So yeah, everything was saved but I couldn't e-mail that stupid idiotic teacher for some reason so hopefully *fingers crossed* my maths tutor has got my test answers or else I AM SCREWED. :/
Woah, that took a while to let out. I was just soooo irritated and I actually felt like crying after that test! Oh well, what's done is done...I can only hope for the "best."

I think I need to do some praying...NOTHING's going right for me these days...Some people might think that it's just me being superstitious...but I don't. I need some luck for a change. GOOD luck...:/

Anyways, I'm going to shoot now and do lots of BFE/LEAP work for tomorrow. URGH. I wonder whether it'll even happen...*fingers crossed*


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